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Protecting the Home Front: Door and Window Storm Damage Prevention

Windows and doors, while durable, are susceptible to high winds, rain and even flying debris. To keep harsh weather at bay, you should take care in securing your seamless seals, fiberglass windows, exterior doors and screen doors. Sometimes, a storm arrives without warning. You needn’t face a hurricane to experience household damages, and your doors and windows needn’t be left to high winds.

Here at C & T Siding, we care greatly about your security, and we’re laying down the best storm prevention tips around. Take care with your doors and windows, and check out the pre-storm ideas below.

Tip One: Pick Up Hurricane Film

Again, a hurricane needn’t arrive to justify hurricane-standard protection. Clear, plastic film is incredibly effective at stopping wind and rain damage, and it’s easily applied to windows. If you think a storm is brewing, apply a layer of hurricane film. It carries ultraviolet protection, too, and can safeguard your home for years at a time.

Tip Two: Cover Your Glass Doors

Many homes have sliding glass doors. Too many homeowners, however, neglect these spots before bad weather arrives. Be sure to check each door, and align any off-center tracks. More importantly: Protect glass doors with large, glass panes. In doing so, you can offset heavy winds while keeping the spirit of your door’s look intact.

Tip Three: Brace Your Garage Door

While garage doors are constructed of metal, they’re often flimsy and wide. For this reason, they’re vulnerable in storms. Double-check your product, and make sure it has at least a 14-gauge weight. If a storm is on its way, and if you’re worried about your door’s safety, brace it with vertical and horizontal 2×4 boards. Anchor them to the wall, and brace it. While a small prevention, such bracing can save your garage door during hail, heavy winds and heavy rainfall.

Tip Four: Install Shutters

Your windows shout be protected by shutters, too. Typically, aluminum shutters are sufficient. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, so it’s a popular choice for areas experiencing high rainfall levels. Many shutter options are cheap, too, and are perfect for round-season protection.

Tip Five: Consider an Impact-Resistant Door

When all else fails, turn to heavy duty products. Impact-resistant doors come in several forms, so you can protect your garage, front door, patio door and shed door simultaneously. Impact-resistant doors, meeting local building codes, are often customized to meet an area’s weather dangers.

As you build up your home, keep seasonal storms in mind. Save up, build up and double check your windows and doors before wet seasons, and always bring questions to your provider.

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