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Maintaining the Value of Your Home

Maintaining your home’s value is not only smart, but it’s also vital to your finances. Protecting your home’s value through regular inspections can prevent costly repairs in the future and keep your home at the top end of its value range for resale purposes.

Update the Look of Your Home

A way to maintain or increase your home’s value is to update the look of your home with new and improved building materials, such as Ultrex/wood windows or seamless steel siding. To bring a look of style and elegance to your home, ask window contractors about Ultrex/wood windows or siding contractors about seamless steel siding. These two products will turn your home into the showplace of the neighborhood!

Seamless steel siding can give your home amazing curb appeal with its sleek appearance minus the gaps present in the traditional siding. Seamless steel siding never needs painting either, because it’s beautiful surface is protected by a special sealant. If you are interested in this siding for your home, contact Emco steel siding contractors for more details.

Another more affordable siding option is LP Siding. LP Siding contractors can answer any questions you may have about this attractive and budget-friendly siding.

Another product to discuss with siding contractors is fiber cement siding. Siding made of fiber cement is very durable in all weather conditions and also affordable. It will give your house a great look without breaking the bank.

Upgrade Your Home’s Roof

You can make your home’s roof look amazing with metal roofing. While known for its durability, metal roofing is far superior to asphalt shingles and lasts years longer than asphalt shingles.

Shake or slate roofs are other options that are much more durable than asphalt shingles. For the climate of western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota, shake or slate roofs are very strong and able to tolerate heavy snow loads.

Replacement Windows and Doors

When it comes to moisture protection from the weather, fiberglass windows are superior, as are vinyl windows. Wooden windows and doors both can warp from moisture and fiberglass windows prevent this type of damage, as do vinyl windows. When talking to window contractors, ask about these types of replacement windows.

Exterior doors should be kept in top shape because they protect your home and well as insulate it. To increase curb appeal for your home, always buy the best exterior door the budget allows.


To fully maintain or increase the value of your home consider additions, such as decks or screen porches. Imagine a beautiful set of patio doors leading out to your new deck. Patio doors open up your home to more sunlight, and screen porches provide an insect-free place to enjoy the outdoors.

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