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Is Your Home’s Siding Vulnerable to Pest Damage?

Pests can create a lot of problems with your home’s siding, especially if it’s made of wood. Sometimes they can cause such extensive damage that your home’s structure is threatened, creating safety issues for you and your family.

What Kind of Pests Attack Siding?

●        Woodpeckers

These birds can do a lot of damage to a home’s siding or the trim around windows and doors. Woodpeckers announce their presence with a loud tapping sound as they knock a hole in your siding with their long beaks. These birds typically like wood shakes, but they also damage the composite siding.

●        Carpenter Ants

These black ants like to tunnel inside of walls and eat away at the wood from the inside out, eventually devouring the siding. They favor damp spots, such as the north side of a house and make nests in the trim around windows and doors.

●        Termites

Probably the worst pest of all, termites devour a home’s siding from the inside out, like the carpenter ants. Termites can severely compromise a home’s structure and make it unsafe for human occupation.

●        Bees

Wild bees can enter the exterior walls of a home and build nests behind the siding. These bees don’t eat the wood, but the weight of the bee colony can cause eventual structural damage to the siding as well as the rest of the house. The waste produced by the bees can stain the siding and bees can find their way into the home and sting you, your family or pets.

●        Rats and Mice

Rodents like to chew on wood siding to gain entrance to your home and breed. They will also gnaw holes through the soffit and fascia to get into the attic where they can chew on electrical wires and start a fire.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Home?

The best way to deal with unwanted pests is to schedule an exterminator to come for regular visits to inspect your home.

Certain types of siding, such as fiber cement or seamless steel, can deter pests. The seamless steel is chew proof, and the fiber cement is made with portland cement which doesn’t attract birds, rodents, and insects. Speak with one of our siding contractors at C&T Siding for more information about pest-proof siding to protect your home.

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