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How to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Home

After witnessing the damage Hurricane Matthew caused along the east coast last month, it’s reasonable to step back and assess the potential damage storms can cause. Although Minnesota isn’t at risk of a hurricane, there are other ways Mother Nature can wreak havoc on our homes, including damage caused by a storm. Fortunately, there many ways you can protect your home now and prevent costly damage in the future.

Update Your Siding

Storms often cause damage to your siding. If the wind from a storm gets between your siding and the structure of your home, your siding can fly off. When your siding is older, even weak winds can destroy your siding. Fortunately, there are many durable home fascia options on the market these days. From LP siding to seamless steel, upgrading to the newest home exteriors will help your home weather a severe storm.

Protect Your Home from Flying Objects

As mentioned earlier, strong winds can make secure objects become flying objects. With the right conditions, these flying objects can lead to broken windows, damaged siding, and a host of other damages. The best way to reduce the chances of your home being damaged by a flying object is to secure everything that can take flight. Car shelters, swing sets, lawn chairs and other objects can do significant damage if they become airborne. Save your life and your home by securing things around your home before a storm.

Make Sure Your Roof Is in Tip-Top Shape

Your roof is important to your home. Although it is at the top of your home, it protects your entire structure. Unfortunately, roofs that require repair aren’t as effective at protecting your home as a roof that is in tip-top shape. In the right conditions, high winds can tear off the roof of your home. To protect your home and your family, you need a roof that is capable of withstanding severe weather. You can start the process by getting your roof assessed by a professional. After the assessment, take steps to fix the repairs they suggest immediately.

At C & T Siding, we want you to remain safe at all times, especially during severe weather. Storm damage to your home is costly, and, in some instances, it can be life-threatening. Fortunately, you can prevent significant storm damage by taking measures to reinforce the structure of your home. We can help you get started. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to inquire about upgrading your siding.

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