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How Seamless Steel Beats Out Bad Weather

If you’re going to protect your house from bad weather, you need to invest in it. Rather than choosing any siding, seamless steel should be your go-to option. Not only is seamless steel classy, durable and iconic-looking: It’s incredibly weather resistant.

Don’t Let the Weather Wear You Out

Seamless steel doesn’t fade. While vinyl siding and other leading alternatives are also weather resistant, seamless steel tends to resist constant exposure to rain, sleet and snow. Plus, it’s available in multiple shades. Regardless of your living area, tree cover and other home installations, seamless steel is never a bad option.

Cold Resistance

Many home suffer from heat loss due to lapsing insulation. Because seamless steel’s superior strength resists the cold weather’s touch, it won’t warp, crack, rust or peel like other siding options. Harsh elements won’t wear it down, and heavy winds won’t leave your home exposed.

Protection from Within

Seamless steel offers another hidden benefit: It resists critters. Because mold, mildew and humidity can’t thrive inside a seamless steel siding’s expanse, it’s less likely homeowners will encounter termites, bugs or other critters. This factor protects a home further—assuring its interior isn’t worn out by excessive pest colonies.

The Environmentally Responsible Choice

Because each section of seamless steel siding is custom-tailored to a home’s exterior—there isn’t much left to waste. If there is any waste material, it’s recycled into new applications. Seamless steel is an environmentally friendly option, assuring endless opportunities in the manufacturing industry due to its low costs.

Much More Than Weather-Resistant

While seamless steel’s shining quality exists in its weather resistance, it’s also resistant to sunny days. Metal may not seem like a heat-resistant material, but it’s protective properties make it one of the best options as a siding installation. It keeps temperature changes at bay, also serving as an impervious, fireproof shell around your home.

Enhance Your Home Today

If you want to boost your home’s defense, enhance its protective qualities and increase its potential, consider installing seamless steel siding today. Your home is a location of comfort, so why not embrace a little extra defense from bad weather? Check out the many options C&T Siding has to offer, and call us today at 651-483-6146 to get a free estimate.

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