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Five Questions to Ask Your Siding Contractor

If you’re revitalizing your home with new siding, there are a few things you should know. Particularly, we feel homeowners deserve the “up and up” about what’s about to go down, contractor-wise. The siding installation, removal and repair process is a long one. If you’ve hired a contractor to work on your home’s siding, don’t forget to ask these five questions.

Question One: Is Replacement Necessary?

If you’re looking at water-damaged, worn-out siding, you might not need a full repair. Some types of damages aren’t apparent, however. They can be hidden. Sometimes, you won’t know the extent of your home’s damage until a contractor has lifted the siding. Fortunately, your C&T Siding contractor is well-versed in determining the extent of damage. Ask them if your siding can be repaired, rather than replaced. It’ll save you a lot of money, in the long run.

Question Two: Which Type of Siding is Needed?

You have a lot of siding options available. Depending on your insulation needs, maintenance needs and cost restrictions, one type of siding might be more effective than another. Some siding materials require ongoing repairs—such as wood. Others, meanwhile, are low-cost, low-maintenance options—like vinyl siding.

Question Three: How Much Will the Project Cost?

Speaking of cost, you should figure out how much the siding installation, repair or removal will cost before your siding contractor gets to work. Don’t worry: They can assess the situation first, giving you a solid description of the costs involved, the time involved and any hidden factors.

Question Four: Is Undersill Trim Needed?

Undersill trim—also called sill trim—is installed beneath windows, as well as at the top of a siding’s surface. This trim “locks” the siding, preventing the waves or buckling which occurs in specific locations. Your home might not need this trim. In some cases, however, your contractor might suggest installing it to prevent moisture build-up.

Question Five: Should You Take Pictures?

The siding removal, repair and installation process can take time. Understandably, the process causes a lot of home vibration—particularly to exterior walls. For this reason, your contractor might suggest taking pictures of your home’s interior before the project begins. Hanging objects, furniture near the walls and even windows should be documented, visually.

If you’re ready to embrace your home’s newest look, call C&T Siding today at 651-483-6146. No matter your situation, we have you covered. We take the time needed to care for your exterior doors, windows and doors. From roof to foundation, your home is in good hands.

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