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C&T Siding: Your Trusted Home Improvement Partner

The value attached to a home whether owned or rented is significant. In America, home ownership is a top priority and a dream come true. At C&T Siding we understand the significance of the home and as such are proud to be part of the homeownership journey.

At C&T Siding we have been committed to providing home improvement services for over 30 years to western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. Our pursuit is to provide affordable, reliable, and honest services that satisfy every customer. As a siding contractor that works towards excellent results, we assure customers peace of mind throughout a project as we provide a variety of services and products to meet diverse home improvement needs.

Home Exterior Services

The exterior of the home tells as much about owner’s attitudes, interests, personality as the interior. At first glance, people’s impressions of a home depend on the exteriors. For this reason, maintenance of window, doors, roofs, and porches is a must. Customers can access C&T sidings services and products including personalized decks and porches, steel roofing, home accents, seamless steel siding, exterior doors, and fiberglass windows.

Window Services

Windows are necessary for lighting, ventilation, energy savings, and aesthetic purposes. For individuals intending to sell the house, windows can increase the value of the home. C&T Sidings’ utilizes quality and first-rate windows in the market. As a siding contractor, we aspire to deliver customized, unmatched quality work that reflects superior craftsmanship. Our window installer and replacement products include fiberglass windows, vinyl windows, and ultrex/wood windows.

Minnesota and Wisconsin residents prefer fiberglass for window replacement and during remodeling. Given the continental climate in the area characterized by cold winters and hot summers, windows have to be energy efficient and durable. Our fiberglass windows can withstand the different seasons, last long, save energy, and are attractive and easy to maintain. Ultrex, used in the manufacture of the windows, is of superior quality, durable and strong. With the windows, homes in areas that experience harsh weather as in Woodbury and St. Paul enjoy full protection from the conditions. Moreover, they will look great with stone coated siding.

The windows can blend in perfectly with the interiors and are pleasing to the eye. The clients get value for money by choosing the C&T Siding fiberglass replacement. Also, homeowners can stop stressing about window replacement. For the natural hardwood lovers, we offer the Marvin Everwood windows.

The advantage of the Everwood is that a homeowner can match it with a wood color of choice to complement existing woodwork. The corners of the frame of the windows provide structural strength and bar water and air penetration. Another impressive feature is the insulated glass unit that resists weather intrusion.

For window installation, stone coated siding installation or replacement services, reach out to the exteriors specialists at C & T Siding through 651-483-6146 today.

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