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Cleaning Your Emco Seamless Steel Siding

Of the many siding options available, Emco Seamless Steel is one of the easiest to maintain. That said, you should still take the time out to perfect your steel siding cleaning technique. Steel siding can oxidize and corrode over time, and even a little dirt can lead to disaster. Fortunately, your Emco Seamless Steel doesn’t need to be repainted. It’s energy efficient, and it’s available in a number of colors. To get the most out of your Emco Seamless Steel siding, take the following cleaning tips to heart.

Step One: Turn Off the Electricity

First, you should turn off any electricity leading to outdoor lighting. You’re dealing with steel, here, and you should be careful about any electrical currents. Switch off the breakers before handling the steel siding.

Step Two: Apply Detergent

Now, it’s time to add the detergent. Mix 1/3 laundry detergent in six gallons of water. This cleaning solution works on most siding panels, and it’s easily applicable. Once you’ve added the detergent, you’ll need to fill your power washer. Set the mixture aside, and get ready to clean.

Step Three: Scrubbing

Once you’ve created the solution, you’ll start scrubbing. Use a soft wall brush, and make sure it has a long handle. Thoroughly scrub the steel siding exterior. Use long, horizontal scrubs. Then, use vertical scrubs. The combination can loosen all grime and dirt, creating a clean surface after a few applications.

Step Four: Use Bleach

Next, you’ll follow up with bleach. Mix one part bleach with three parts water. Put the mixture into a plastic spray bottle. Apply the mixture to any moldy areas, and use a stepladder to access any high areas. Your Emco Seamless Steel surface’s paint can resist harsh chemicals, so don’t worry about scrubbing too hard.

Step Five: Rinse the Solution

Once you’ve scrubbed and bleached the area, you’ll need to use water to rinse away the materials. You can use a garden hose, here, rinsing the house’s steel siding with care. All Emco Building Products are backed by a “no nonsense” limited warranty, so your seamless steel painting will be covered by a thirty-five-year chalk and fade protection program.

You’re done! As with any siding, you’ll need to clean your steel siding regularly. Emco Seamless Steel Siding is one of the most maintenance and trouble-free sidings around, saving you money over the long-haul. You’ll never need to paint again, and you’ll never need to replace any cedar shake. Select one of 16 profiles, and take advantage of Emco Seamless Steel today. Give us a call at 651-483-6146 or visit us online!

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