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Choosing The Right Contractor

Whether you are improving your home for yourself or for sale, you need the right window, roofing, and siding contractors to ensure a job done well. Here are a few criteria to consider to ensure that you get a partner that will take care of your home.

License, Bond, and Insurance

The first criteria are straightforward enough – make sure that any contractor that you hire is properly bonded and insured in the area that you reside in. For C&T Siding to build a reputation in Wisconsin and Minnesota, we had to maintain its standing within industry and government regulation. Checking for a license, bond, and insurance should be the first step, as any company without these things may not even be able to legally work on your home.

Specialized Expertise

If you are looking to replace your doors and windows, then you should hire a company that specializes in doors and windows. Your metal roofing needs should be handled by a company that has experience in metal roofing. Check for expertise in the installation type as well as the material that you need installed for best results.

Business Before Business

There is a reason that your installation and repair partners are called contractors – there should be an ironclad contract in place before the first nail gets taken out or hammered in. If any company refuses to give you an estimate or put their work and pricing down on paper before beginning, run the other way.

Contractors and Subcontractors

Is your work being performed by the people you expect? Make sure that you are hiring the people who will actually be on site so that your work is not subcontracted ad infinitum. Subcontracting makes holding someone accountable very difficult should something go wrong.For instance, when you hire C&T Siding, you get C&T Siding. This is true for all jobs, from metal roofing to doors and windows. Only companies that take full responsibility for their work should be allowed to work on your property.

Let the home improvement and repair experts at C&T Siding handle all of your siding, roofing, doors, and windows. Call us at (651) 483-6146 or visit our website to answer any questions you may have. We specialize in the communities of western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota, and we are ready to help you today!

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