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Check Out the Features and Benefits of Emco Seamless Steel Siding

Before you invest in siding for the outside of your home, you need to sit down and create a checklist of what you’re looking for. it might look something like this: 

  • Design, color, & texture
  • Superior 360 degree home protection
  • Durability and ability to withstand the outside elements
  • Longevity – how long does the warranty last
  • How easy is it to install
  • How much will siding cost in labor and supplies
  • How will it affect the resale and market value of my home

Emco is the Perfect Siding for Your Checklist

Now that you’ve made your list, you’re ready to start purchasing a siding product. The good news is C & T Siding has already done the homework for you. After being in the siding business with decades of combined industry experience, we believe that Emco seamless steel siding is hands down the smartest, most affordable, and highest-quality product on the market today. Here’s why:

  • Versatility. If you want variety, you’ll find it with Emco siding products. Emco has created a wide range of products that vary in style, design, color, and texture.
  • Durability. Emco products are made from reinforced 28-gauge, single sources steel. It is topped off with a fade, scratch, and stain-resistant paint finish. The surface can take whatever mother nature throws at it.
  • Longevity. Emco seamless steel siding comes with a thirty-five-year chalk and fade warranty, and a fifty-year hail protection warranty.
  • Easy Installation. Since seamless steel siding comes in single sheets that cover your entire home, it requires less time and effort to install them. You notice the savings in labor cost.
  • Affordable. Emco is surprisingly affordable to purchase and install. You’ll also experience savings in the long run with reduced maintenance and repair.
  • Improved Home Market Value. Emco is considered by contractors and property owners to be an asset to any home due to its construction, design, and durability. It will improve the resale value of you home.

The Name Says It All: Seamless Steel

Although vinyl and regular steel siding may do a good job of protecting your home, it’s not aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners often look at all the sections and grooves along the outside wall and wish they could cover them up. The solution is Emco seamless steel. Imagine for a second that one piece of siding can go over an entire section side of your house regardless of the shape or size of the building.

That’s what makes Emco siding a better choice. Once giant piece laid over your house creates a more professional design than several sections pieced together. A one piece siding system also creates a solid barrier over the house that keeps bugs, small animals, the wind, humidity, and extreme temperatures completely out of the home. Having Emco seamless steel around the outside of your home is like having an added layer of insulation. You’ll see the difference in your energy bill each month.

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