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Changing the Look of Your Home With New Siding

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You might be surprised at just how much a change in siding can help the aesthetic of your home. As long as you pick the right material, you can create a dynamic, inviting look that you will love to come home to. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can completely change the look of your home with new siding.

Metal Siding

The most popular forms of metal siding are aluminum and steel. Aside from being incredible to look at, metal siding is extremely durable, low maintenance, and able to be recycled. The durability of this material makes it appealing to many homeowners, because it is able to withstand the elements and resist damage. C&T Siding has a specialty in metal siding, and is one of the most highly used Emco Steel siding contractors in the area.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement is not often associated with siding, but its composite nature gives it the ability to look like almost any other type of siding available on the market. Unlike metal, fiber cement can be painted. It is also fireproof. Most importantly, fiber cement is virtually impervious to the contraction and expansion that usually occurs during harsh changes in season. Although it can be expensive, the style is one of the most flexible you can get.

Stone Siding

As arguably the most durable material of any type of siding, stone is also one of the most extraordinary textures. You get more choices in color and texture than perhaps any other material out there, and the unique shaping of each piece gives your home a dimension that no other home can have. Stone does not need to be coated in order to maintain its appearance, meaning that you will have a great look years after your purchase.

Veneer Siding

If you want the brick or stone aesthetic without the need to change the structure of your home, veneer is a great choice. Veneer is light and easy to maintain, allowing you to enjoy the classic good looks of stone or brick without needing to take on a complex installation project.

The dedicated siding experts at C&T Siding want to help you create a look that you can live in for years. If you live in western Wisconsin or eastern Minnesota, give us call at (651) 483-6146 or request a quote through our website.

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