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Can You Improve Your Home’s Insulation With New Siding?

If time and the elements have damaged your siding, now is a good time to have it replaced. Not only will you increase the value and curb appeal of your home, but you can also improve the insulation values and make your home more impervious to the extremely cold winters of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

More Comfort and Less Money on Utility Bills

When re-siding your home, you have the option of increasing your home’s insulative properties and at the same time make your home more weather-tight and comfortable. With more insulation, and perhaps new replacement windows and doors, you can effectively seal out the freezing cold winter winds and the humid, hot air of summer and lower your energy bills in the process.

Great New Building Technology

With all the new building technology available today, the quality of siding has vastly improved as well. Re-siding and insulating your home with modern building materials not only provides more energy efficiency, but it also prevents the buildup of moisture in the walls. Moisture inside of exterior walls can cause a serious problem of rot and mold.  Rot damages the structure of the home and mold is dangerous to human health.

When using house wrap insulation, for example, the material keeps the home temperature comfortable inside but allows moisture inside of walls to evaporate. House wrap keeps the space drier and less likely to facilitate mold growth.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement is a very popular siding option, due to its toughness and durability. Fiber cement siding alone can increase a home’s insulation values. However, when paired with a layer of insulation, a home is doubly protected from weather and moisture problems. Not only that, fiber cement can make a home more soundproof for a quieter environment indoors. Installing new replacement windows and doors can further reduce air leaks and make your home extremely energy efficient.

If you want to enjoy a warm and cozy home in winter and stay cool and comfortable in the summer, call C&T Siding. We are the company you can trust when you want an affordable price and great quality of craftsmanship.  At C&T Siding, we’ve set the standard for excellence in our community since 1978. With our extensive experience and highly trained siding contractors, we can fulfill any home improvement project you have in mind.

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