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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Window Contractors

Window installation, removal, and replacement needn’t be a difficult process, but staying informed can make it easier. Window maintenance is a big decision, and it’s not something which should be handled lightly. A good window installation can serve your home for 10 to 20 years. Depending on your home’s location, you might not even need to replace them.

If you’re deciding to replace, restore or remove your leaky, outdated windows, it might be time to contact your trusted contractor. Before service begins, however, you should ask them these five questions:

How Long will the Process Take?

At C&T Siding, we believe every customer should be treated with respect. For this reason, every service is provided with time as a major factor. Your window services deserve our utmost attention, and your schedule should be prioritized. Ask your contractor how long the service will take to ensure your schedule will be interrupted as little as possible.

What is the Payment Schedule?

Next, you should determine the project’s payment schedule. You shouldn’t pay the full price of any contracting work upfront, and you have a lot of payment flexibility options available. It’s important, however, to determine how much is due—as well as when it’s due. By strategizing your project’s payment schedule, you can alleviate unnecessary money burdens.

What is the Regular Working Day Like?

Even though your service provider focuses on providing noninvasive window installation, replacement and removal options, they still have their own work methods. To make sure your home is highly navigable, it’s a good idea to figure out what the contractor team’s regular day looks like. Then, you can maneuver the home’s furniture while prioritizing the project.

How will Clean-Up Take Place?

To keep a clean, clutter-free environment, the C&T Siding team takes care of post-project clean-up. That said, it’s still a good idea to determine how clean-up will take place. You should establish how trash will be removed, how it’ll be disposed of and how stray items—like nails—will be handled.

Where will Tools be Stored?

If a job spans multiple days, your project team will want to assure a clutter-free workspace. Thus, they’ll need to find a place to store the project’s equipment. Talk to them before a project begins, and discuss where these tools will be kept, how they’ll be transported there and how they’ll protect your home by being out of reach.

You can, of course, discuss project options with your service providers as a project continues. Contact C&T Siding today, and determine your home’s best-possible project path.

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