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5 Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

Today, homeowners face a plethora of choices when it comes to the design and finish of their homes. Choosing the material that is to be installed on its exterior is a decision that warrants a look at the pros and cons of the materials being considered.

Fiber Cement Siding Basics

Fiber cement siding is designed to offer significant advantages to the exterior of your home. Made of a mixture of fibers and sand, fiber cement provides protection and good looks in a way that other materials cannot.

1. It’s extremely durable

Fiber cement siding is extremely durable and able to withstand inclement weather over the years. Not only will it stand up to hail and excessive rain without any loss of good looks, fiber cement siding can also withstand high winds.

2. It isn’t flammable

Understandably, the fear of fires tops the lists of many homeowners. Fortunately, fiber cement siding is not flammable so homes are protected from fire. This is because over 90 percent of the materials that make up this siding are not flammable.

3. It keeps insects and mold at bay

Fiber cement siding is installed in a unique way that uses no overlapping seams. This means that insects are not given a point of entry. In addition, the lack of seams prevents moisture from getting in between the interior and exterior walls. Mold and mildew have no place to grow which helps reduce the introduction of these potentially harmful substances into the interior of the home.

4. Versatile in appearance

In spite of its name, fiber cement siding bears little resemblance to cement or fibers. Instead, it can be manufactured to look like wood shingles or even wood planks.

5. It can be painted

Homeowners can also benefit from the ability to change the look of the exterior of their home. Fiber cement siding offers the pleasing look of real wood in a variety of different colors. If a homeowner is unable to find the exact color to match their vision of the exterior of their home, fiber cement siding can easily be painted.

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