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4 Siding Trends You Need to Know About Before You Choose

Is having siding installed on your home at the top of your to-do list this fall? Before you decide about the siding you want to have installed, you should consider the following trends that might tip your decision from one type to another.

1. Color

The color of your home is undoubtedly the very first aspect that registers with everyone — particularly those people who have never seen your home before. While the classic white that has been a mainstay in a home’s exterior coloring is still a popular choice, colors are making a statement in a big way in the past few years. When you think colors, don’t think big and bold though. In most cases, these colors are going to be more subtle but still offers visual variety.

2. Environmentally friendly

Being kind to the environment is not simply a trend. Nowhere is this more evident than in the home building industry. Instead of a fly-by-night concept, eco-friendly materials continue to be popular. One example is the popularity of replacing siding with materials that are naturally sourced. For example, siding made of cedar shakes not only offers fantastic visual appeal with its various textures, it also helps insulate your home to reduce your utility bills all year long — another way that it is environmentally friendly.

3. Brick or stone

If cedar shake siding appeals to you due to its texture but that look does not quite pique your interests, consider brick or stone siding. These are veneers that provide the interesting look of the real materials but require less maintenance than the real thing. Many homeowners like to use these veneers as a method of highlighting certain areas of the exterior of their home in a way that complements the siding.

4. Aluminum siding

Aluminum siding offers numerous advantages to those who want siding that is affordable while also being able to paint it when they want a change. If you should decide to change the siding in the future, you can have the aluminum siding recycled to keep it out of the landfill. Metal siding can also increase the efficiency of your home and reduce your utility bills.

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