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4 Reasons Why Adding Siding to Your Home This Spring is a Good Choice

The harsh western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota winters can be brutal on so many things. From your body and landscaping to your home and car, investing in the right tools can make all the difference in their longevity and ability to weather the winter season. If the outside of your house is looking worse for the wear after so many rough winters, consider having siding installed this spring. Here’s why C&T Siding suggests that you do so: 

1. Increase Your Return on Your Investment

When it comes to exterior home improvement projects, there are few others that give homeowners as significant of a return on their investment than the installation of siding. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), homeowners can recoup about 83 percent of their investment in vinyl siding if they sell their home. If you choose fiber cement siding, expect to be able to get back about 79 percent of the cost you put into it.

2. Protects Your Investment

Sure, siding makes your home looks fantastic but it also has a significant protection factor as well. For one thing, properly installed by an expert like C&T Siding, this exterior material protect your home from winter storms, sustained winds, and driving rain.

3. Improves Energy Efficiency

Having siding installed doesn’t mean just updating its looks. Once the old material is removed, you’ll have the opportunity to add insulation or replace any that is failing. You’ll also be able to have a house wrap installed before the new siding is put on. Regardless of the route you choose, just the addition of new siding is likely to increase the energy efficiency of your home by itself.

4. Address Structural Issues

It’s possible that underneath your home’s old, worn-out siding or other exterior material, there is hidden structural damage. While the most common culprits for this damage are dry rot and leaks, other factors could also be at play here. During the process of installing new siding, contractors have access to your home’s exterior and can address these issues. Doing so from the outside often means less mess, expense, and disruption than if you went through the interior of your home.

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