What Is Seamless Steel Siding?

Make a siding plank out of the toughest steel, then cover those planks with a thick protective layer of vinyl that repels moisture, insects or any form of rot or rust. The resulting product is seamless steel siding.

Not Limited In Length

Those super-tough steel siding planks don’t come in standard lengths. The siding is manufactured, brought to the job site and custom cut long enough to span the full dimensions of your home. Using this method eliminates any cracks or gaps between the planks that you get with traditional siding. No gaps mean no caulking is required to seal the ends of the boards.

Extremely Durable

Seamless steel siding is a much more durable choice for your home’s exterior covering than vinyl and adds more insulation value to the walls as well. Seamless steel will never sag and doesn’t need to be repainted every few years, saving you plenty of money on home maintenance costs over the years.

Less Likely to Sustain Weather Damage

Severe weather and high winds have a hard time ripping seamless steel siding off of the side of a house and hail can’t tear a hole through its surface. That’s because each tough steel plank is anchored tightly to the side of the house with screws.

No Mildew Stains

If mold or mildew grows on seamless steel siding, a quick scrub and rinse will clean away the fungus with no staining. Dirt and grime can also be washed away.

Many Colors

Seamless steel siding is not only tough; it’s beautiful as well. Many color options are available to suit the individual style of your home’s exterior and to match existing windows and doors. Speak with a knowledgeable siding contractor at C&T Siding for more information on choosing the color that’s right for your home and enhances curb appeal.

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