5 Signs You Need New Siding

As you look up at your home from the road, you might notice your gutters need to be cleaned, and you have a few branches that need to be trimmed. When you look at your siding, you might think it’s older, but it’s not in bad condition; however, you might have problems going on with your siding that you aren’t able to see. If you notice any of these signs, you might want to hire siding contractors for an installation.

1.High Heating and Cooling Bills

If you notice a significant jump in your heating and cooling bills, it’s not a rise in the energy company’s prices. Typically, it’s a sign your home needs new siding. Although it’s vital to rule out the possibility of a leaky roof or a poorly insulated attic first, you could lower your energy expenses significantly with new siding put on by professional siding contractors.

2. Siding Needs Frequent Repainting

While there isn’t any getting around having to paint your siding, you shouldn’t have to repaint it every five or six years. Generally, siding that’s in good condition maintains its shape and color for at least eight years, possibly longer. You might notice the paint peeling, cracking, or chipping, all of which are signs you need new siding.

3. Peeling Paint Indoors

Your siding can affect the inside of your home. Moisture enters through your siding and into your house through the wallboard. As the moisture continues, it causes damage to your interior walls. You might notice you have peeling paint on your walls. The moisture starts to pull open wallpaper, as well.

4. Severely Faded Siding

You might think fading is just a sign your siding is aging, but there’s more to it than that. Although your siding won’t last forever, it should maintain its color throughout its entire life expectancy. If you notice your siding is fading, it’s safe to say you need to replace it. If the color is fading, more than likely the waterproofing isn’t effective anymore.

5. Mold, Fungus, or Mildew

If you notice mold, fungus, or mildew on the siding of your home, it’s time to contact siding contractors to replace it. Mold, mildew, and fungus require water to thrive, so it any of it is on your home, you may have moisture passing through it.

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