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Trends In Decks And Porches

Although decks and porches are popular in warmer months, they are a hit all year around. An increase in the popularity of decks and porches stems from homeowners who want to extend their living area to the outside. As the trend grows, so does the demand for more intriguing decks and porches. The following are a few trends within the industry that make decks and porches stand out.

Multi-Level Decks Are Alluring

When it comes to decks and porches, everyone is used to seeing one-level outdoor spaces. Even though one-level decks are appealing, they aren’t as alluring as a deck that has multiple levels. A multi-level deck adds dimension, and if installed correctly, it can make your deck seem bigger than it is. Another great benefit of installing a multi-level deck is the fact that you will be able to section off your deck. Sections will allow you to entertain with ease by reducing congestion.

Customize Your Deck With Designs

No one wants the same exact deck or porch that their neighbor has installed. In fact, due to different lifestyles, a customized deck is a better option, which is why it is one of the leading trends when it comes to decks. Homeowners are customizing their decks by adding wooden inlays, using multiple types of wood, or simply making their deck an extension of their living rooms. Regardless of how you choose to make your deck unique, it’s important to let your creativity inspire you.

Make Your Deck Posh With Composite Materials

Composite decks are becoming more popular. Although they offer many of the benefits of wood decks and porches, they also seem more refined and put together. Your guests will feel as if you invested more in your deck or porch than you actually did.

Curve Your Deck To Stimulate Intrigue

Curve decks and porches are intriguing because they aren’t typical. Primarily seen in decks and porches made from composite materials, curved decks are great if your home has curved features, such as bay windows or arched doorways.

At C&T Siding, we specialize in decks and porches. We can transform a bland outdoor porch into a relaxing, customized getaway for you, your family, and your friends. If you want to extend your home to the outside, then we encourage you to contact us about building a deck or a porch today.

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