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The Best Stone Coated Metal Roofing Options Around

If you want to achieve the highest level of contemporary style, protect your home and benefit from long-lasting good looks, stone-coated metal roofing is your best bet. Here at C&T Siding, we know our metal roofing. Not everyone wants shake or slate roofs, and that’s okay. Sometimes, metal is just better.

Before you contact your metal roofing contractor, though, you should know a thing or two about C&T Siding’s options. So, sit back. Check out these awesome C&T Siding options. Once you understand the innovations, you’ll be better prepped to protect your home.

Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Today, Gerard Stone is a provider of the housing world’s top-tier roofing options. We’re talking about coated steel tile. Each tile is installed as a panel. When they come together, these panels offer years of durability. As a leading roofing innovator, Gerard Stone has spent 30 years refining the production process.

Their equipment has evolved, too. As a result, their steel roofing—provided though C&T Siding—is a power package of the highest-quality raw materials, proprietary formulated coatings and stylistic options around.

The Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Galvanized Coating

It’s all about the zinc. Homeowners continuously rave about our rigid steel panel protection barriers. Each is created as the raw steel material passes through a molten aluminum-zinc alloy bath. The result is a long-lasting, high-strength coating which offers both the strength and protection of zinc and aluminum. It’s a pretty potent combination—one which we feel is great as a corrosion-free roofing alternative. This coating can last over 50 years, making it an incredibly valuable option.

Ceramic-Coated Stone Granules: The Secret Ingredient

Where the stone coating is considered, C&T Siding roofing uses a protective, ceramic-coated stone granule coating. It’s attractive, it’s weather-proof and its even UV-light-resistant. These ceramic-coated granules are sized, applied and re-applied to assure the security of your roof’s base coat. We don’t take any chances, where bad weather is considered. Your home comes first.

The Overglaze Polish

Finally, each installation is coated with an acrylic overglaze. This overglaze has UV inhibitors, boosting your home’s UV protection value further. Extremely durable, fast-acting and resistant to mold, moisture and insects, the acrylic finish bonds directly with your roofing’s granules. It locks them in place, protecting them from damage.

If you want the best roofing options around, you owe it to yourself to check out C&T Siding’s options. Call us at 651-483-6146, and ask about our metal roofing options. If you want to bring the house together, call one of our window contractors or siding contractors. They’ll make sure your home is protected on all sides. Your home’s integrity is the sum of its individual parts, after all. Let our professionals protect your home from the ground up.

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