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4 Signs Your Roof Should Be Replaced

The roof of your house keeps your home warm and dry every day of the year. A roof is not completely visible from a ground level. Therefore, it’s quite easy to overlook the condition of your home’s roof until signs of decay or moisture appear.

4 Signs Never to Ignore

The following four signs indicate your roof is seriously beyond a simple repair job. The professionals at C&T Siding in the Twin Cities area advises that it’s far better to catch roof damage as early as possible before the structure and integrity of the house is affected which can cost much more than a roof replacement.

Sunken Areas on the Roof

If you see any places on your roof that looks sunken in or depressed this means the sheathing underneath the shingles is rotted and is about to collapse into the attic space. This area may or may not leak, but it is only a short matter of time before water begins to make its way into the attic and the rooms underneath.

Curled Roof Shingles

When the edges of shingles curl upwards, this means they are at the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced. Curled shingles can cause the roof to leak water into the attic which sets the stage for rot and mold growth, both of which can be very expensive to repair. C&T Siding roofing professionals recommend replacing curled shingles with metal roofing for a longer-lasting product. Shake or slate roofs also have a much longer lifespan.

Missing Shingles

If you see any bald spots on your roof where shingles are missing, you need to act fast to avoid any interior damage to the attic and living space. Missing shingles can occur over time or after a severe storm and allows rain to penetrate the roof.

C&T Siding contractors recommend choosing a better alternative than asphalt shingles when replacing a roof. Metal roofing and shake or slate roofs can better withstand the winter storms and strong winds of the Twin City area.

Leaks Around a Chimney

If leaks appear on the inside of your home around a chimney, this could mean the roof flashing is damaged or deteriorated. Replacing the roof and the flashing all at once ensures a watertight seal between the two materials and creates a long-lasting barrier against rain and snow.

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