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Protect Your Deck Screen From These Five Things

Your pool deck screen will take a beating over the years. You’d be surprised by the violence they can sustain. Whether it’s busy children, rambunctious animals or even the wind, your porch screen may be in danger. Eventually, they’ll have small rips. These rips can become tears, and these tears can destroy an entire installment. Protect your pool area’s screen, and watch out for these five damage causers.

One: Pets

Your animals might not attack your pool deck screen, but they’re probably traveling through the area. Sometimes, animals get confused. If they leave the screened-in deck too quickly, they may run into your protective lining. They’re likely to chase after small critters, too, which can easily get stuck on a screen. Keep the animals away, and check at knee-level heights to protect the area.

Two: The Wind

If you live in a high-wind area, your screen might not be resisting heavy gusts. Tropical storms, hurricanes and even heavy rainstorms can degrade a pool deck screen over time. They’re mesh, sure, but they can still bend in high gusts. Check out your screen’s sides and corners, because these areas will rip under continuous stress.

Three: Leaves

Leaves, tree-matter and falling seeds can degrade a pool deck screen’s top. If your pool deck screen isn’t cleaned regularly, it’ll stain. While this staining isn’t necessarily dangerous, prolonged staining can reduce a pool deck screen’s structural integrity.

Four: The Kids

Kids are probably one of the leading damage-causers to pool screens. You’ll need to make sure your pool deck screen is safe from prying hands, because kids are often roughhousing near the pool area. Keep your pool screen up to date, too, because its wires can be quite sharp. They can harm passerby, if they’re not taken care of.

Five: Thrown Objects

If your residential area has pools, it probably has families. If it has families, it probably has a lot of recreation. Thrown kickballs, baseballs and even tennis balls can destroy a pool deck screen. Whether your home borders a golf course or another home, you should make sure you’re not the accidental target of thrown projectiles.

Purchase a tear-resistant and high tensile strength pool deck screen, if possible. These solutions can greatly protect your pool deck, and they’ll spare you a lot of expenses, in the long run. Often, these products are highly visible—due to their thick threads. This visibility will help your children and animals avoid running into the screen, all while enclosing—and protecting—your pool area.

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