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Deck and Patio Options and Upgrades

Although you think of decks and patios as a nice bonus feature for a house which you may use in the summertime, they can be so much more. With proper deck and patio upgrades, you can have what is essentially an extra room or rooms added to your house. There are even ways to make a patio a usable space during the winter if you or your contractor are creative enough to use modern technology to your advantage and arrange your outdoor space to protect against the weather and be conducive to an outdoor lifestyle.

Multiple Levels

Multiple levels of decks and patios provide a feeling of separate rooms so you can use the space for different purposes while remaining connected to your family while they also conduct daily business. A covered screen porch is perfect for children to do homework on their computers while dad cooks dinner on a grill outside the kitchen door. Steps can lead to an upstairs deck accessible through the bedrooms, and downstairs to a patio floor outside the basement room. Another deck may surround the screened porch, and a walkway can lead to an extended gazebo or pavilion so the family can be together while each has their own space.

Permanent Seating and Furniture

Of course you’ll personalize your deck with furniture, but built in benches and tables are always going to be appreciated. As the saying goes, “Any horizontal surface will get used,” because no matter how much space you have somebody will sit there or set a drink down. For the comfort of both your family and guests, permanent benches and tables designed to compliment your deck will always be appreciated.

Built In Outdoor Kitchen and Appliances

A built-in outdoor kitchen distinguishes the generic deck which comes with every house from the avid outdoor family who truly enjoys their time spent outside. A permanently installed stove, oven, and grill allows for much more cooking than a typical gas grill from the local home improvement store. Add a sink or wet-bar along with a small refrigerator and outdoor appropriate countertops, suddenly a space for real cooking rather than just stepping outside to cook meat has appeared on your deck.

Ultimately, your deck should reflect your lifestyle. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, there are ways to build your deck and patio system to accommodate those needs into your daily life.

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