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Spare the Space: Saving Money on Porch Enhancements

Let’s face it: A porch is a most social outdoor area. Few things welcome visitors like a well-maintained porch, and many homeowners install screen porches, custom decks, exterior doors and other amenities to maximize a homely feel. Understandably, porch additions aren’t cheap. Too many homeowners break their banks over extending ends, meeting requirements and giving their area a facelift. If you want to save money, increase perceived space and create a stylish, expansive porch, read the tips below:

Tip One: Install Porch Columns

Porch columns do wonders for perceived space. While several pre-built selections are expensive, you can utilize boards, concrete and studs to craft your own separated porch. Space the boards appropriately, and utilize extra board panels to shape the frame. By using high quality outdoor paint, you can maximize each column’s durability, even without a screen porch.

Tip Two: Install a Custom Screen

Screen porches are fantastic home additions. Regardless of your area, warm summer evenings, sweet spring breezes and crisp winter afternoons are all obtainable without the pest hassle. Take charge of your environment, interact with your home and submerge yourself into your surroundings with a provider like C & T Siding. Screen porches protect areas from gnats, mosquitoes, ants and horseflies, so you’re never exposed to pests.

Tip Three: Create a Deck Board

Sure, porch expansion is costly, but you can sidestep the pocket-breaking expenses by creating a deck board. Mostly created as 2×4, 2×6 or 4×6 sizes, deck boards cover most surfaces while retaining a porch’s classy atmosphere. Add raining, give the wood a finish and spare the expenses. Sure, a decent deck board project might take time to create, but professional providers can assist your every step.

Tip Four: Install Side Steps

On the flip-side, removing boundaries can give your porch an “open air” feel. Consider removing your porch’s railings, and boost your front yard view’s potential by installing a couple stair entryways. In doing so, you can widen the gap, increase perceived size and give visitors more wiggle room. Stair installation is incredibly cheap, and it’s a popular choice for homeowners intent upon saving money while creating breathing room.

You’re in luck: Many porch designs favor creativity. Whether you’re aiming for a beach style porch, a cozy winter area or a summertime lounge, you can design your porch to provide incredible accessibility. Get in touch with your artistic side, don’t be afraid to innovate and extend when necessary. While formal extensions are still an option, you can absolutely fortify your porch area’s style without spending too much money.

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