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Screen Porch Pest Control: Protecting Your Social Area

While a screen can protect your porch from unwanted pests, some bugs are persistent. Whether you’re upgrading windows and doors, revamping your outdoor area or are installing a custom deck, you should take care in protecting your screened-in porch from unwanted entry. When a screen, alone, can’t finish the job, check out the tips below:

Tip One: Add a Screen Under the Porch

If your screened-in porch is raised, you’ll still need to pay attention to the floor. A lot of homeowners experience fly, mosquito and ant troubles with wooden floors. That said, you needn’t bend over backwards to protect your screen porch at the ground level. Add individual screen panels between your flooring’s joists, and safeguard the only entryway left from unwanted entry. In doing so, you can ensure proper ventilation while “sealing off” the ground level.

Tip Two: Control Nearby Vegetation

While C & T Siding is always for bright, healthy plant life, we understand the toils associated with screen-crawling larvae. No matter a porch screen’s size, infant insects can and will get through. Eventually, you’ll need to maintain nearby shrubs, vegetation and flowers to stop the insect influx. Spray surrounding vegetation frequently, and make any porch-surrounding greenery a no-fly zone.

Tip Three: Install Fans

Too many homeowners forgo outside fans due to cost. Cheap fan options do, however, exist, and they’re entirely viable for outdoor cooling. Mosquitos, in particular, are easily pushed from an area due to a fan’s burst. If pests are entering your screened-in area when the door opens, you can still keep them from the social area.

Tip Four: Install a Bird Feeder

Many bird species feed on flies, mosquitos and small bugs. If you’re going to settle for one winged-creature over another, choose the bird. Bird feeders, when installed near a screened-in porch, can be wonderful outdoor inclusions. They control mosquito populations, create entertainment and require little maintenance. Don’t worry, because birds don’t frequently damage porch screens.

Tip Five: When In Doubt, Contact Pest Control

If you’re having trouble keeping bugs outside the screened-in porch, you might need professional assistance. Contact your local pest control service, and discuss breeding prevention, extermination and natural treatment options. In most cases, professional providers can make your home unfavorable to pests without damaging its social atmosphere.

Make your outdoor area comfortable, and take charge with the tips above. While pest control takes time to master, having a system can greatly reduce infestations. Again, contact your provider if you’re in need, and always consider your options. Be creative, be consistent and safeguard your social area.

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