New Siding Color Trends for Luxury Homes

We all want our luxury homes to have that “wow” factor. There are definitely some popular color trends for siding and finishes this year. You especially need to be aware of this if you are planning to put your home on the market for sale.

Here are some hot tips if you want your home to stand out as a winner and be the best-looking home on your street.

Bold and Classy

It is OK to make bold color choices that really stand out. Grey and blue is the most popular combination. Don’t be shy to use strong, contrasting shades of a lighter color offset by a darker one. You want to have a nice contrast of darker and lighter colors. You cannot go wrong if you work with the color palette of deep blue, grey, and bright white.

Mix in a dynamic texture, like brick or stone siding below the front lower window levels for an accent, but don’t overdo it. Having an all-brick front is not the look this year. Tasteful brick accents that tie the lower level below the windows to the bottoms of the posts surrounding front porches are fine.

A dark-colored siding bordered by a lighter colored trim looks nice with a deeply-colored front door that draws the attention of the eyes.


Earthy, rich tones and natural hues such as forest green and deep russet red are a good starting point for the darker shade. Then, work your way back through complementary colors to find the perfect contrasting lighter shade. Choose a really dynamic color for the front door, and limit the color choices to three (not four or five) plus a texture that can match or compliment the other colors. You can see some beautiful examples of what we mean in our gallery.

Vinyl, LP Smartside, or James Hardie Fiber Cement?

Texture comes from the material designs you select. For example, you can use two different textures of the same siding type. The idea is to blend more than one texture on a single surface.

Each manufacturer has plenty of choices that help make a unique look.

Choose quality materials. The price difference between the lower cost of vinyl siding and the more pricey fiber cement siding is narrowing. Engineered siding may be a bit more expensive but not that much. If you like the look, don’t fret so much over the price.

Durability and Low Maintenance

Do not use any solid, real wood unless you want constant maintenance and repainting headaches. Engineered siding looks so much like real wood, so its not possible to tell the difference. Plus, the maintenance worries are so much less.

Most homeowners are choosing sustainable siding materials that require almost no maintenance at all, except to be washed down every once in a while to remove dust.

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