Lead Paint and Windows: When Do You Need Replacement?

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You’re probably already vaguely aware of the dangers of lead exposure. After all, you probably know that the U.S. government has instituted regulations regarding its use, and in some circumstances, banning the use of lead paint altogether. You might even know that exposure to lead paint can have some degree of health consequences. On the other hand, you might not know one of the biggest places where lead paint can be hiding: your windows.

Yes, your windows! If the paint around your windows contains lead, it puts you and your family members at a higher risk of lead exposure, as the friction of opening and closing windows can easily disturb the paint, sending it into the air and making lead exposure possible. Furthermore, the extensive weathering windows can be exposed to also can make your risk of lead exposure higher.

Why, exactly, is lead paint exposure a problem? How do you know if you’re a candidate for window replacement due to lead paint? C&T Siding, a provider of everything from fiberglass window installation to siding installation, answers all these questions and more below.

Exposure to Lead Paint on Your Windows Can Have Severe Health Consequences

We do not mean to alarm, but the presence of lead paint has been known to cause severe health problems. After all, the U.S. government wouldn’t have instituted regulations about who can renovate houses with lead paint if the substance wasn’t toxic in some way, shape, or form! In 1977, for example, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commision “issued a final ban on lead-containing paint” and on most furniture and all childrens’ toys manufactured with it. This ban did not take effect until 1978, however.

The purpose of this ban was, presumably, to protect consumers from the dangers of lead paint exposure. Indeed, exposure to lead can lead to the compound building up in the body. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of this buildup frequently do not present themselves until dangerous levels have been reached.

The following are symptoms of lead buildup and are signs that lead could be lurking in your home or on your windows:

●        Developmental difficulties in children. Learning problems, seizures, poor mood, lack of appetite, slowed development, and weight loss are all known consequences of lead buildup in children.

●        Growth problems in newborn babies. Babies with lead buildup in their bodies have been known to exhibit slowed growth patterns.

●        Various health problems in adults. Yes, even those who are fully-grown are not safe from lead exposure and buildup. Symptoms include (but are not limited to) increased blood pressure, abdominal pain, headaches, pain in the joints or muscles, and certain types of mental health disorders.

As you can see, lead buildup in the body can cause any number of maladies. If you suspect lead in your home, it’s crucial that (after receiving the proper medical attention, of course) that you contact a trained window installer to begin the replacement process.

How Do You Know if Your Windows’ Paint Contains Lead?

As stated above, the government has put into place regulations and bans on lead paint. If you’ve recently invested in vinyl window installation, wood window installation, or simply new windows in general, you are in the clear, as far as your windows are concerned! However, windows aren’t the only facets of your home that could contain lead; doors, too, can be candidates and are worthy of inspection. If you or your family are beginning to demonstrate any of the symptoms mentioned in the above section, lead paint in your home could be the culprit.

Many sources say that if your home was built before 1978, it’s best if you investigate for lead. Luckily, this is easy to discern by simply looking! Paint containing lead tends to flake in a distinctive, angular pattern, for one. Lead tests can also be purchased from local paint stores for a very small price. In certain areas, too, the local Department of Health can help you test for lead, and other businesses also offer professional lead testing services. It’s also advisable to seek medical attention as soon as possible to help mitigate the effects of lead poisoning.

If you’ve discovered your windows have lead paint, it’s imperative that you immediately opt for replacement from a professional, for safety’s sake. C&T Siding would be happy to meet with you to discuss your window replacement options.

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