Keeping Your Windows Clean for Longer

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We all know the joy of freshly cleaned windows. Sparkling panes of glass really let the light into the room, not to mention, they make your home the envy of your neighbors and extended family. With the holidays coming up and the typical cleaning rush that precedes them, that second part becomes more prominent in the conscientious homeowner’s mind; After all, if you’re hosting family for the holidays, everything must be spotless!

That being said, maintaining the cleanliness of your windows is often no easy task. For one, glass is clear, which means any minuscule smear shows up bright as day. Add messy kids and slobbery dogs into the equation, and you’ll be stuck in Smudge Central. Try to clean up, and you may run into trouble. When applied to windows, many cleaning products create streaks themselves, which leaves your glass only marginally cleaner than when you started. Finally, without proper management, the cracks and crevices of any window are prime real estate for opportunistic molds. All of this means that window management is tough on a good day, but it becomes even tougher if your home needs to be pristine for upcoming gatherings!

As tempting as it can be, don’t despair; C&T Sidinga window installer, and window replacement firm, is here to help. Read on to discover how to keep your windows looking clean for longer.

Saying Adieu To Smears and Smudges

Smears, smudges, splatters—oh my! These are the bane of every homeowner’s existence. Though there is no scientific way to classify a smear, smudge, or splatter, they generally appear as irregularly shaped, cloudy blotches of residue on the insides or outsides of your window. Anything can cause them—from messy toddler hands to the wetness of a pet’s nose. Regardless of where they came from, they’re a blight upon the cleanliness of your windows and must promptly be taken care of for the sake of a pristine household.

Cleaning your windows with your method of choice is one way to prevent them, but what’s the  best way to battle these beasts?

●        Don’t forget to dry | When washing your windows with water or water-based products, be sure to dry them off when you’re done, and be thorough. Something as simple as pure H2O, when left to dry naturally or not fully removed, can leave unsightly streaks on your panes.

●        Show your screens some love |  Your screens are the barriers between large debris and your precious, clean window panes. However, when your screens are covered in dirt and grime themselves, they can struggle to do their jobs! Yearly cleaning of this part of your window can help prevent smudges before they happen.

●        Make the job easy by using a squeegee | Saving time while avoiding streaks is as easy as using the right tools. A sponge or a rag might serve in a pinch for cleaning your windows, but nothing beats the almighty squeegee. Similar to the ones provided by the pump at gas stations, handheld squeegees efficiently smooth any smudges on your window panes, without you having to use much elbow grease. They’re available for purchase at many box and home improvement stores. Just remember that, even when you use one, you still have to dry your panes!

As you can see, fighting windowpane grime isn’t rocket science. It just comes down to going the extra mile and getting the right tools for the job. With a little dedication, your fiberglass windows and wood windows can remain streak-free long after the holidays have ended.

Mold Madness

Much more insidious than simple smudges, mold can grow in the cracks and crevices beneath your panes, which causes countless health hazards, not to mention making things look quite gross. However, mold isn’t as easy to take care of as streaks and smudges are; it often requires a radical shift in the way you manage your home.

Just how can you manage mold mayhem?

●        Discover the cause | Mold grows in damp, dark, humid environments. Its growth on your window frame suggests that there’s a serious problem with either your home’s exterior water direction, ventilation, or the surrounding environment’s humidity. Knowing the cause of your mold problems is the first step to taking care of them.

●        If necessary, opt for wood window replacement or vinyl window replacement | Once you’ve consulted a professional and determined the cause of your mold issues, you’ll need to assess if it’s time for window replacement. If the mold has absolutely  permeated your windows, it’s probably time for new ones.

●        Scrub every nook and cranny | If you know the mold is a one-off thing, it’s time for a thorough cleaning with a toothbrush and bleach. Mold is notorious for being hard to get rid of; you’ll want to take apart and disinfect every window in your house. Since this project can be so extensive, many people just opt for replacement fiberglass windows or the like instead.

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