How To Prepare Your Windows For The Winter

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Living in the Upper Midwest, you know that preparing your home for winter is crucial to saving on energy costs and your comfort during the long winter months. However, trying to conserve energy in your home does not mean you have to break the bank to save. While investing in energy-efficient windows comes with a price, it will inevitably save you money in the long run. Additionally, there are some simple things you can do on your own to reinforce the strength of your energy-efficient windows when there is extreme weather. Here, our certified and licensed experts at C&T Siding will discuss the best ways to prepare your windows for the harsh Minnesota winter.

Invest in energy-efficient Windows

At C&T Siding, we can install several different windows to improve your home and overall energy-efficiency. Installing new windows and properly maintaining them is the easiest way to prepare for winter. However, we know you cannot replace your windows every single year. For this reason, we also recommend a variety of other steps to help you prepare your windows for the harsh winters, so you can ensure your home is protected, and your windows last for years to come. Here are the three types of window installation and replacement options we offer:

●      Fiberglass Windows

Our team uses fiberglass windows because of its proven durability and energy-efficiency. While each window type we use is an industry leader, we often recommend fiberglass windows because of the advantages they boast over other windows. When you select our team for your fiberglass window needs, you will get a 20-year warranty on glass seals, as well as a 10-year warranty for any sort of manufacturer issue. Additionally, fiberglass windows can be customized to match many different designs and decors. However, above all else, fiberglass windows are the strongest and one of the most energy-efficient products on the market.

●      Ultrex® Wood Windows

Ultrex® Wood Windows are another industry-leading product we offer at C&T Siding. These windows offer a more natural, timeless look than other window brands. Like fiberglass windows, these windows also consistently rank among industry leaders in energy-efficiency and weather-resistant properties. The material is proven not to crack or warp due to the varying weather conditions we experience in the Upper Midwest. Additionally, their insulation properties are second to none. With these windows, your energy bills will more than likely decrease.

●      Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are also a sufficient choice when looking for new window options. Vinyl windows are easy to install and will match with virtually any style. These windows also provide the ultimate security for your home and have a seamless appearance on the outside. Additionally, vinyl windows provide state-of-the-art energy-efficiency qualities. Vinyl windows have UV protected glass, insulated glass, weather sealing locks, and more. Like the other windows we install, these windows will likely reduce your energy bills.

Additional Window Protections

While installing new windows is the best way to prepare your windows for the winter, you obviously cannot replace your windows every year. However, there are many things you can do to protect your windows from harsh winter weather on a year-to-year business. Here are additional ways to prepare your windows for the cold:

●      Repair Weatherstrips and Caulking

Over time, the weather strips on your window may wear out, which can allow cold air in and warm air out. Each year, you should check the weatherstrips on your windows and other areas that could be affected, such as doors. Repairing the weatherstrips on your windows is relatively simple, and is proven to help your home retain heat, which lowers your energy costs. Additionally, you should inspect all of your windows for any drafts. If there are drafts coming into your home, we recommend you caulk the affected areas. Like weatherstripping, this helps your windows retain heat for your home. Other simple ways to repair drafty areas include insulation tape and foam.

●      Lock the Windows

While many homeowners keep their windows locked if they are not letting in fresh air, you should always check to ensure the windows are locked before you begin any sort of window preparation for the winter months. If the windows are not properly locked, they could still let in drafts, despite any weatherstripping or caulking you may do.

●      Invest in Storm Windows

If you do not have storm windows installed in your home, you should consider investing in them for the extra protection they provide your windows. In the long winter months, the screens on your windows can become damaged from the weather, which could in turn damage the exterior of your windows. To prevent this, you should install storm windows. Storm windows are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and protect your windows. Additionally, they add another layer of protection, which can enhance your home’s energy-efficiency.

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