How To Clean Seamless Steel Siding

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The material your siding is made of affects how you can clean your siding. At C&T Siding, we offer four types of siding. Each of these different materials requires different maintenance and a different cleaning technique. While most siding materials are simple to maintain, they need to be maintained in a certain way. Typically, you can clean your siding on your own by following the proper safety and maintenance protocols. Here, our team at C&T Siding will discuss the different siding options we offer and the correct way to clean and maintain each.

Seamless Steel Siding

Like any other steel products, steel siding can corrode if it is not properly maintained. Even the slightest amount of untreated dirt and grime can negatively affect your EMCO seamless steel siding. Because of this, it is important to consult with an expert to discover the best ways to clean and maintain your siding, so it lasts as long as possible. Here is how we recommend you clean and maintain your siding:

●        Shut Off Electricity

Shutting off the flow of electricity to outdoor appliances at your home or commercial property is crucial to both a successful clean and the safety of you and others. Because the siding is steel, you should not mix electricity with water. Therefore, shut off the breakers that run power to your outside lights and other appliances. This ensures you and anyone else around you stays safe.

●        Create a Detergent Mix

After the electricity to the outside appliances at your home has been shut off, you should begin to mix your simple cleaning solution. First, you should fill a bucket with six gallons of water before putting ⅓ of a cup of dry laundry detergent in and thoroughly mixing the solution.

●        Scrub in the Detergent

If you have a power washer, you can put your detergent mix in there, or you can use a soft wall brush. If you use a power washer, you will not want to have it on the highest setting, as it could potentially damage the siding. When you start scrubbing, start in a horizontal pattern on each panel. Once that is complete, you should do the same thing in a vertical pattern. By doing this, you can ensure all of the dirt and other grime is removed or loosened from your EMCO seamless steel siding.

●        Spray Bleach After Scrubbing Detergent

During the next step of the process, you need to ensure you do not get bleach on you or your clothing. For this step, you should mix one part bleach with three parts water in a plastic spray bottle. Then, you need to go inspect your siding for spots that may have mold or mildew on them. This siding is designed to withstand the strongest chemicals and weather, so scrubbing bleach on the surface will not harm it.

●        Rinse Your Siding With Water

As soon as you have located any areas that need the bleach solution and finished scrubbing, you should then get your garden hose or power washer to rinse your siding. It is important to reach every piece of your siding, no matter how high or low on the house it is. After you feel as though your siding has been rinsed enough, you can begin to clean up your different mixes, as well as the various brushes, hoses, and power washers you used.

If you have questions or want tips on how to clean and maintain your EMCO seamless steel siding, contact our team today.

How Often Should You Clean Your Seamless Steel Siding?

To reduce the chance of your siding becoming permanently stained or damaged, you should follow a set schedule to clean your seamless steel siding. While this does not have to be done weekly or even monthly, it is important to do this several times throughout the year. If you are unsure on how to clean your siding, consult our team at C&T Siding. Our professional contractors can answer all of your questions, and will do what we can to ensure your home or property gets the look you desire.

How to Clean Other Siding Types

In upcoming posts, we will discuss how to clean the three other siding materials we offer, which include:

●        Fiber Cement Siding

●        LP Smartside Siding

●        Vinyl Siding

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