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Fiberglass, Wood, and Vinyl Windows: What’s The Difference?

Shopping for new windows for your home can be an experience that is far from simple and straightforward. These days, you can find a variety of styles and color options to suit your home’s decor and architectural style, as well as your budget and desires. Regardless of which style and color you choose, though, you’ll also have to decide between wood, vinyl and fiberglass windows. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows have a construction that more closely mimics the look of wood. A huge part of their visual appeal is that these windows don’t have joints that are welded together that are often seen with vinyl windows. Fiberglass windows are also able to be painted. Because it is stronger than vinyl, windows with a fiberglass frame are less likely to warp.

Fiberglass windows tend to be able 15 to 30 percent more expensive when compared to vinyl. However, a homeowner is likely to be able to recover a portion of this cost because fiberglass windows give a home better resale value. They can also make a home more appealing to homebuyers who might be indecisive. Fiberglass windows can help a home maintain a low maintenance profile. They don’t rot and are not welcoming to termites or carpenter ants.

Wood Windows

Wood windows are almost a necessity if you live in a home that is older and/or more traditional. A window frame that is fashioned from wood provides a great deal of insulation that helps to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wood windows are also able to be easily painted which allows a homeowner to change the look of his or her home to match the exterior or interior if desired.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have a frame that is designed with multiple chambers. These are often injected with foam to aid in the window’s insulating properties. In addition, vinyl windows are often the ideal option for homeowners who are on a budget. Many styles of vinyl windows are now being manufactured to look more like wood which helps to bridge gap found between vinyl and fiberglass. Vinyl windows are available in a number of colors that are baked on during the manufacturing process. Vinyl windows don’t rot and don’t attract pests such as ants or termites.

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