Fantastic Siding Made from High-Tech Materials

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Siding materials have improved significantly over the past decade. The best materials have increased durability and other beneficial characteristics while at the same time are very attractive when installed on any home or commercial property.

At C&T siding, we work with high-tech materials that include steel, seamless steel, fiber cement, and engineered wood. This guide explains the unique qualities of these materials and how they are made.

●        Steel

C&T uses EMCO Steel Siding that is made from U.S.-produced, 28-gauge steel for consistent quality and excellent durability. This steel comes in 14 popular standard color choices and unlimited choices for custom colors. EMCO uses the Kynar500 polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin-based metal coating made by Arkema. This coating is applied to the steel that has been cleaned, pre-treated, and primed. Then, the coating is baked-on in an oven. This tough, fade-resistant coating prevents corrosion and any potential damage by exposure to the elements. It outperforms paint by decades. The manufacturer offers a 50-year warranty!

●        Seamless Steel

Seamless steel from EMCO has all the beneficial characteristics described above, plus, it has no unsightly seams in the middle of the walls. Steel panels in pre-cut standard sizes have to be connected together every 12 feet, which leaves an obvious overlap or joint that disturbs the perfection of an unbroken piece of steel covering the entire wall. Seamless steel is prefabricated to the exact dimensions needed so that when the pieces arrive at the job site, they are put up on the structure like a perfectly-fitting jigsaw puzzle. The finished look of seamless steel is outstanding.

●        Fiber Cement

C&T uses James Hardie panels that are made from fiber cement. Fiber cement is created from a mixture of cement and cellulose that serves as a binder to hold the cement in place. It has a finish that makes it look just like painted wood. This material has the look of real wood without any of the maintenance problems. It is extremely durable and not affected by rain, snow, or the cold temperatures during winter in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

●        Engineered Wood

For those who want a product made from wood, C&T recommends using the engineered wood siding called LP SmartSide. It is made from layers of wood that have been treated with zinc-borate to prevent rot and insect infestation, and then a wax coating is applied to resist water. The layers are bonded together with binders and resin to make a beautiful durable and consistent wood product. It has the distinction of being able to withstand an impact better when compared to fiber cement or vinyl siding that can crack if hit by something.

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These materials are the state-of-the-art in the siding industry for outstanding performance characteristics. Consult with an adviser at C&T Siding to compare these materials and make an appointment to get a quote. If you prefer, come visit our showroom at 103 Packer Drive in Roberts, Wisconsin or give us a call at 651-483-6146.

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