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Why Your Home Needs Climate Enhanced Exterior Doors

Climate-protecting exterior doors aren’t necessarily new, but they’ve become quite popular recently. We believe this spike in interest is justified, as a lot of modern homeowners are trying to cut power bill costs effectively. Your home’s windows and doors can make all the difference. Your front door, particularly, is the threshold between outdoor and indoor environments. It’s responsible for protecting your home from unwanted gusts, regulating your home’s temperature during the day and night alike.

Bayer Built Doors

C&T Siding offers a number of residential exterior doors. Popular among these is our line of Bayer Built doors. These exterior doors feature the Acclimated Entry System—which is a “climate-enhanced” structure built to spare your home, and your wallet, from overworked air conditioning systems.

So, how does the Acclimated Entry System Work? These exterior doors were crafted by Bayer Built experts, designed to defend homes against the harsh Midwest climate. The Acclimated Entry System features a continuous head and sill design system, assuring stability while keeping out hot and cold air. By keeping your home insulated, the door reduces the need for continuous HVAC support.

Durable, Secure and Maintenance-Free

Bayer Built exterior doors aren’t only climate-friendly. They’re strong. Clad in heavy-duty aluminum, these doors offer a maintenance-free alternative to typical exterior doors. They also feature a multipoint lock system, which defends your household for many years.

The earlier-mentioned dual seal sill is also wind and water resistant. Meanwhile, each door’s seamless steel SureSill Sloping Sill Pan defends the door’s lower crack from water infiltration. Because Steel Entry Systems combine security, durability and energy efficiency, they’ve become favorites among Midwest homeowners.

Energy Efficiency and Your Home

Your home’s exterior doors greatly contribute to air leakage. They can also waste energy via conduction, if you’re not up to date with routine maintenance. Old, uninsulated and improperly installed doors can be a death sentence to any power bill. Rather than letting energy loss govern your home’s temperature, rely on a professional.

C&T Siding offers one of the most comprehensive residential exterior door inventories around. While Steel Entry Systems offer incredible energy efficiency, our fiberglass series, Ultra Block series, nature series and Waterbarrier series continue to impress homeowners. At the end of the day, your home is unique.

Take a look around, and pick out the option which best fits your home. Then, give us a call at 651-483-6146. Our experts are always ready to help, and they maintain the years of experience needed to make sure your home stays insulated.

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