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Which Exterior Door Is Right for You?

Choosing a front door for your home is like selecting tires for your car: you will want to search for a product that is a good match, fits well, looks perfect, is secure, and will last the lifetime of your property.

Buying a door is different in one specific way, though. There are plenty of stores offering front doors that are extremely low-quality. Worse, many homeowners all across America are actually purchasing these flimsy and poorly-made doors.

Why not improve the beauty, security, and stability of your home with a high-quality door? Minneapolis exterior remodeling projects can be as complex as a siding replacement or installing new hardscapes, but something as simple as upgrading your front door has a huge effect on your property, especially when you find the perfect fit!

Read on so we can tell you about some great new exterior doors, break down the benefits and strengths of each, and help you decide which one may be right for your home.

Select Steel System Doors

Steel Entry Systems are new and enhanced doors that are built of solid, 24-gauge steel and secure mounting to be maintenance-free. Even better, they are strong enough to keep other aspects of your home maintenance-free. They achieve this with exceptional security and strength. These durable doors can prevent break-ins and interior damage due to poor weather.

They come in a variety of styles, including treated and stylish glass. Their elegant appearance, though, does not compromise their durability. Despite being made of steel, these doors do not look clunky and heavy and can actually fit in well with traditional homes.

This type of exterior door is ideal for those who are concerned with safety and who do not wish to replace their front door any time soon!

Fiberglass Doors

Another form of exterior door consists of extra-durable fiberglass. These fiberglass doors are strong and crime-resistant like steel, but are also tough enough to be dent-proof, warp-proof, and incapable of rusting or discoloring!

There are several varieties of fiberglass doors, all of which have their own distinct strengths. We recommend that you speak to a contractor about the varieties of fiberglass doors available. Fiberglass doors are generally best for those obsessed with keeping their homes neat and looking like new for many years.

Natural Doors

Of course, you might decide to go classic and old-world with an artfully constructed wooden door. These natural doors can be built with decorative or clear glass–or, of course, none at all. While natural doors are not as durable as fiberglass or steel doors, natural wood doors are far superior to artificial plastic doors and hollow doors made of inferior, inexpensive wood products. Solid wood grows strong and resilient. Best of all, it has unmistakable, classic beauty.

For those who live in wet environments or other properties that are prone to invasive moisture, weatherproofing strips on the bottom of the threshold of your doorway can be a permanent solution. Weatherproofing any door is especially helpful for those who live in areas of the country with icy or snowy weather. This strip will act as a shield that repels moisture.  Weatherproofing can be added to virtually any type of exterior door.

You can also consider customizing your door for the aesthetic qualities you love most. Add rustic stripping, formal details, a natural wood finish, or bright and bold paint for a true statement. Whatever your tastes and needs in an exterior door, we want to assure you that Minneapolis exterior remodeling experts can help you find what you need.

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