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Three Big Considerations When Buying a Patio Door

Between swinging, sliding bi-fold, and French patio doors, you have a lot to choose from. To create a truly custom design, you’ll need to determine your home’s stylistic needs. Your home’s convenience, lifestyle and makeup matter. Before buying a patio door, consider these three factors:

Factor One: What Material Can You Maintain?

Your patio door’s material will determine how much upkeep it needs. You should pick a material which is easily maintainable. The material should be durable, too, so as to not need constant fixing. If you plan on using your patio door as your home’s main back entrance, it should be made from higher-quality materials. Consider getting it constructed from aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, or clad-wood.

While many patio door materials work, these materials last longer. They’re also weather resistant and require less painting.

Factor Two: What Does Your Outdoor Living Space Look Like?

Next, you should figure out which patio door complements your patio’s style. Select a design which accommodates for a wide doorway if you want to increase overall access size. If you want to improve the connection between your indoor and outdoor living spaces, consider integrating several French doors. Swing doors, meanwhile, are great if you have a lot of deck area available.

Your patio door design will determine how your home’s visitors enter and exit the area. In general, you should make sure the patio doors open outwards. If you want to make a parlor-style room, however, you can use inward-swinging doors to add a ritzy look.

Factor Three: How Energy Efficient is Your Home?

Finally, you should consider utility costs. As with windows, patio doors can contribute to—or detract from—your home’s energy efficiency. Different patio doors deliver different benefits. Vinyl doors, for example, are awesome easy-maintenance options. They’re also more energy efficient than wood. Aluminum doors, meanwhile, are both resilient and energy efficient.

In general, you should select a patio door style based upon your home’s overall needs. Your doors are important, sure, but they shouldn’t precede a patio’s design decision. Consider rearranging your patio’s furniture if need be. Sometimes, you can completely redefine a patio’s look by creating more walking room. As a go-to, well-rounded choice, vinyl patio doors meet most of a home’s needs.

Determine your house’s energy requirements, pick a cool style, and don’t hesitate to call C&T Siding. We’ve been in the business for years, and our siding contractors are experts at installing interior doors. Take advantage of your home’s best look, and talk to a representative today.

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