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The Coolest Exterior Doors of 2017

Are you looking for a bold, new exterior door design? From energy efficiency to style, 2017 has delivered a slew of great selections. We love helping our homeowners select economical door styles, and we believe efficiency and good looks needn’t be mutually exclusive. Below, we’re talking about the coolest exterior door ideas of 2017.

The Half-Glass, Half-Wood Design

This trend was spawned by Atlanta homeowners seeking traditional wooden designs with transparency. Color is a secondary factor, but it can spice up the style nonetheless. The half-glass, half-wood design is trending, and some homeowners are using oval-glass designs to subvert it.

Wood-Stained Fiberglass Doors

Across the Mid-Atlantic region, homeowners are staining fiberglass doors to look wooden. These stains look incredibly similar to wood, and they’re virtually identical until someone taps a finger on them. Mahogany grain is trending in particular. Because fiberglass is incredibly strong, it’s a great choice for insulation.

Orange, Red, and Other Earthy Combinations

In the color department, homeowners are using orange, red, and even orange-red paints to create earthy designs. Exterior doors are getting bolder, and a lot of Southern designs are reaching across the nation. While a house’s main door is best left neutral, back doors allow for creative design options.

Charcoal Gray and Brown Frames

Charcoal grays and chocolate browns are being used in trim work and frames. Where wooden doors are considered, staining has become more popular than painting. Again, earthy tones are trending. Stained surfaces let a door’s natural wood tones show through, keeping the door’s overall appeal while still allowing customization.

French Doors

If you want to swap out your doors for classy options, consider choosing French doors. French doors utilizing a fresh, Chippendale spin can highlight a Colonial home’s deep-seated English roots. We’re seeing a lot of boxwood linings on these doors due to a heavy focus on spherical finials and curved muntins.

Blue Paint and Gold Mail Chutes

As for entry doors, blue paint is taking over regularly neutral colors. Plus, homeowners are installing gold mail chutes. The result is a timeless, yet innovative, door design. Here, we recommend sticking with a paneled door design. Paneled doors accommodate for brass accessories, highlighting an exterior installment’s finest aspects.

What about your style? If you’re into modern home renovations, consider contacting a C&T Siding contractor today. Exterior doors deserve extra attention, and we believe every home deserves an expert’s touch. Check out our window and door options, and outfit your home for maximum appeal.

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