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Redefine Your Entryways: Five Ways Exterior Doors can Redefine Your Home

Your home’s exterior doors might last a long time, but they’ll eventually need to be replaced. Fear not, however, because getting new exterior doors is exciting! Here at C&T Siding, we love outfitting modern homes with up-to-date, innovative exterior doors. A wide selection of exterior doors is available, and each door can spruce up your home’s classiness, enhance its energy efficiency and be an all-around win, cost-wise. If you’re in need of a new door, look no further: Our exterior doors are right up your alley. Here’s why.

Reason One: No More Warped, Weathered or Cracked Materials

Doors age. Even if your door looks brand-spanking new, it’s probably suffering from warped, weathered or cracked materials. After many years of use, a door’s interior can weaken in structure. By replacing your door with a new high-quality material product, you can root out hard-to-see damages completely.

Reason Two: Lower Energy Bills

Your home’s exterior door is one of the most important energy-saving barriers you currently have. For this reason, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s both long-lasting and made from insulative materials. C&T Siding exterior doors, made from fiberglass, steel or wood, are crafted with pride from the experts of Bayer Build. They’re perfect for Midwest climates, and they can save your money due to their green design.

Reason Three: Fewer Maintenance Trips

Sure, you’ll need to conduct maintenance eventually. What homeowner doesn’t? C&T Siding exterior doors, however, are built to last. Check out the Aluminum Clad line, or take advantage of C&T Siding’s own Multipoint Lock System—which guarantees years of durability and security alike. C&T Siding exterior doors also offer SureSill™ Sloping Sill Pan technology, which prevents water infiltration.

Reason Four: Top-of-the-Line Security

Speaking of the Multipoint Lock System, we feel it’s important to touch upon the awesome security our doors offer. Formed with full-metal profiles for security and stability, our select steel series is one of the most secure exterior door lines available. They come with a 15-year warranty, and they’re available in numerous styles to keep things classy while protecting your household.

Reason Five: An All-Natural Look

If you want to stylize your home, touch upon its rustic elements or even redefine the house’s entire look—get ready. C&T Siding exterior doors are perfect home accents. Boasting natural beauty, old-world craftsmanship and decorative edges, each door delivers maximum protection while also being top-tier style options.

Check out our full exterior door lineup, and contact a C&T Siding professional today for more information. From the ground up—and from the threshold to the living room—we’ve got you covered.

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