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Energy Efficiency First: Picking the Most Economical Front Door

Whether you’re replacing an old entryway door or simply have a new home, you should install an addition based on cost efficiency. Exterior doors are the gateways to your home. They’re also locations of energy loss. Fortunately, you can secure your home’s energy efficiency by choosing the right windows and doors. Where your front door is considered, we feel these tips can help you stay as energy efficient as possible.

Tip One: Consider Fiberglass

Wood front doors are aesthetically pleasing. They’re also ornate. If you want to be economical, however, you should consider using fiberglass as a material. Most fiberglass front doors resemble real wood doors, too, containing wood components while also being economically viable.

Tip Two: Always Replace the Frame

In some situations, you’ll merely need to exchange one door—called a blank, or a slab—for another. If this is the case, you might be tempted to leave the old frame where it is. Don’t fall into this trap, however, as old frames—while appearing to be fine—can be minorly warped. They can technically be used, but they’ll let out your air conditioning over time. It’s better to get new framework.

Tip Three: It’s Better to Go with Hardwood

If you’re set on getting a wooden front door, you still have energy efficient options available. Primarily, you should install a hardwood door. They’re more expensive than the regular six-panel pine door, but their cost is worth it. They’re better insulated, keeping your home warm during the winter—and cool during the summer.

Tip Four: Intricacy Matters

While some might consider ornate moldings and carvings detrimental to insulation—the opposite is true. As a rule: The more intricate a door is, the thicker and wider its rails and stiles are. Thus, the thicker the door is. If you want to spare the energy bill while giving your home a touch of art, embrace the ornate designs.

Tip Five: Double Doors May Not Be Idea

Finally, we’d like to tip you off about double doors. They’re great. Don’t get us wrong. They’ll also let out more air than you might be comfortable with. If your home has energy efficiency problems, pass up on the double-door-style entryway.

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