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C&T Siding Offers the Best Exterior Door Installation At Your Convenience!

Exterior doors are one of the most important pieces of a home. Not only do they need to be sturdy enough to provide protection from the outside, but they should also reflect the homeowner’s taste and style as well. Exterior door installation should also be effort free for the homeowner, and here at C&T Siding, we offer only the best remodeling services provided by our experienced exterior door contractors. Having the right door for your home is important, and our catalog offers a variety of options you can choose from when it comes to picking the one that fits your home best. Here are a few examples of what we offer, and the benefits of each kind.

Select Steel Series
When you want something sturdy enough to act as the barrier between the outside world and your home, the Select Steel Series has you covered. Durability, energy efficiency, and protection are just a few attributes that come to mind when considering this type of door for your home. These doors are created with 24-gauge steel, one of the strongest materials on the market. The door’s glass section also comes with custom decorative designs, so you can decide what type of style fits your home best. This type of door is completed with a 25-year warranty.

The Nature Series
If you’re looking for a more rustic look for your door, then look no further than The Nature Series. This door is created with master craftsmanship that comes with either a decorative glass, clear glass, or none depending on your preference. As we’ve mentioned before in our other blogs, weather can become a burden on outside wood products. Make sure to protect your door with the Nature Series, provided by Simpson Door. This will ensure that the weather does not damage the wood from the outside. This door is provided with a 15-year warranty.

Water Barrier Protection for Your Doors
Finally, you are most certainly going to want to utilize a water barrier on your doors to help keep them in perfect shape over the years. This overlay will stop rain from ruining the material, as well as stopping any rain get in the cracks of the door and causing more damage from moisture.

Making Sure You Get the Right Door for Your Home
These are just a few of the types of doors that we offer to our customers. Whether you’re looking for something sturdy for your doorway or a more elegant approach, C&T Siding has you covered. Our expert exterior door contractors will provide you with professional door installation and leave you with peace of mind when it’s all done.

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