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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Patio Door this Spring

C&T Siding has been in the business for years, and our philosophy serves to help homeowners install the best-possible options. If you’re considering installing a new patio door, there are a few things you should know. The seasons are changing eventually, and your home deserves all the attention it can get. Before settling on a patio door option, consider the following:

1.      The Frame Material
Regardless of your living location, your home’s sliding patio door will be tested by the outdoor elements. Between rain, snow, wind, and insects, your patio door will take a beating. Thus, its frame material is important. We suggest installing a vinyl frame, as it’s one of the most resistant materials around. It can withstand harsh weather conditions, too, while being easy to maintain.

2.      The Style
Next, you’ll need to decide on a style. If you have a pool, consider installing a sliding patio door. If you have a lot of yard area to explore, French doors might fit your home’s style better. Your patio door’s style will be determined by your home’s overall spatial needs, so make sure you’re not planning on remodeling the area once you’ve determined which door is the best choice.

3.      The Glass
Because your patio door will be made of glass, it’ll let a lot of sunlight into your house. This can’t be avoided, but it can be handled to maintain your home’s energy efficiency. Consider a grid-style door, and outfit your door with energy efficient glass. As a rule of thumb: Consider features like argon-gas-containing glass and low-E glazing glass.

4.      The Color
While color isn’t as important as your door’s other features, it still plays a part where your home’s style is considered. White is always a good choice, but light blue shades are similarly good options. Your patio door’s color should reflect the area, matching—or even heightening—the allure of your patio’s amenities, like the pool area, grill or garden.

5.      Security
Finally, you should choose a patio door which boosts security. Pick a patio door with dual-locking hardware, and consider purchasing a security bar if you have a sliding glass door. Glass doors can defend your home against unwanted visitors, but they’re still exploitable.

The C&T Siding team is always ready to help our homeowners, and we’re available to help you pick your home’s next door installation option. If you have any questions, give us a call at 651-483-6146.

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