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5 Reasons WaterBarrier Technology Is Essential for Wood Doors

If you are planning to undertake a big project involving exterior remodeling in Woodbury, MN, then we highly suggest considering installing a solid wood door. This is becoming a huge trend in the exterior design world, and we feel that it works really well in our area. A wood door sends a message of strength and grace, and it incorporates all the beauty of nature.

If you do choose to include a wood door in your exterior remodeling in Woodbury, MN, then we also suggest investing in doors that include WaterBarrier technology. We feel that this is essential for maintaining the strength and beauty of a wood door. WaterBarrier doors are low in cost and will also greatly decrease the amount of maintenance you will have to do for your new door. In addition to these important benefits, WaterBarrier doors also have security measures that can protect your home and your family.

Maintains the Strength of the Door

Water and wind can be really hard on wood. A door that is not treated and created in the way WaterBarrier doors are will tend to weaken and crack over time as they are exposed to this kind of force. A weak door will let in air, which can mess with your HVAC system, and will also weaken the defensiveness of the door and the locks.

Keeps the Door Beautiful

Wooden doors that are not WaterBarrier doors tend to have faded colors and splintered surfaces before long. The whole idea behind installing a wooden door is to enjoy the color, tone, and feel of the natural wood. WaterBarrier doors will stay beautiful no matter what Mother Nature tries to send your way.

Are Comparatively Cost-Effective

When you consider how much longer these doors last and how few maintenance issues you will have to invest in to keep the doors looking nice, the cost of the door tends to pay for itself over time. For all the benefits you receive, we feel that these doors are a really great bargain.

Are Very Low Maintenance

These doors are designed to make your life easier. Aside from cleaning off dust and oiling the hinges from time to time, there really is very little that you will have to do to keep these doors strong and beautiful. You can wash it without worrying about removing the protective elements. Not having to worry about damage or repairs can make your life as a homeowner a lot easier. Your attention can be used to maintain other important features of your house.

Have Great Security Measures

The main purpose of an exterior door is to keep the good in and the bad out. This is important for the treated air, elements of nature, and other such things. That being said, the most important thing your exterior doors are meant to keep out is dangerous people. These doors come with important security measures that will keep you and your family safe. The locks are designed to withstand common lock-picking tools. The bolts are much longer than conventional bolts, making them much harder to kick in. The very materials of the wood door are fortified in a way that keeps them from splintering despite the amount of force placed upon them. You can rest easy at night knowing that you will not have to face any unwelcome visitors.

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