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4 Simple Ways to Secure Your Property With Entry Doors

When you are at home, you want to be safe so that you can relax and be at ease. Unfortunately, entry doors can be a way for many burglars to enter your home. This New Year, we want to make sure both you and your family are safe. Consider these four ways to safeguard your door and prevent burglaries.

Choose the Right Door for Your Home

Although there are many doors on the market, you should focus on doors that protect your family. Look for a door that is sturdy and nearly indestructible. For instance, homeowners who are concerned about their safety will often invest in metal doors. They know metals doors can’t be kicked in, which will prevent burglars from attempting to rob their homes.

If you are worried about a limited selection when it comes to metal doors, never fret. Many manufacturers create a wide variety of metal doors, so you don’t have to compromise style for performance.

Choose a Door with No Windows

Although doors with windows may enhance the look of your home, your safety is more important. Doors with no windows reduce the chances that burglars will smash the window and unlock your door, allowing them to enter your home with ease. If you must choose a door with a window, consider a door with a window up top.

Install a Deadbolt

Locks are effective if you use them. They are even more effective when you use more than one. To improve your safety, consider installing a deadbolt.

A deadbolt is a sturdy lock that can withstand extreme force. They are made with harder steel, compared to traditional door knobs. Additionally, deadbolts enter the entire door jam, which makes it harder for burglars simply kick the door down.

Make Sure Your Striking Plate Is Secure

When you changed your door a few times, the holes securing your door’s striking plate can become loose. The looser your screws are, the less likely your deadbolt and your lock will secure your door. To ensure your striking plate is secure, use bigger screws so that your striking plate is secure.

At C & T Siding, we can help you secure your home by installing new entry doors. From metal to wood, we have a wide variety of entry doors to match your home’s exteriors. Call us today to make an appointment for new entry doors.

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