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Why Screened Porches Are Becoming “The Thing”

Everyone has those moments in summer when it is so nice, and warm, and beautiful, that they never want to go back inside. Many things can stop people from enjoying the beauty of summer into the late hours of the night, or even during the day, but a screened porch can change all of that. Screened porches and decks are on the rise, and there are many benefits to having C&T Siding, a
deck contractor in Minnesota , install one for you.

First of all, let’s start with what a screened porch is. It is simply a porch that is protected and surrounded by screens. It usually resembles the structure of a house, in that it has walls and a roof, but those walls are replaced with screens. It has all the benefits of being inside, but actually outside. You can put any kind of furniture on the patio without worrying about inclement weather, plus it can be a great addition to the house.

The first benefit is that it keeps mosquitoes and bugs out. Everyone hates mosquitoes. No one wants to be outside when the threat of being bitten by something is all around, but the good news is that they can’t get into a screened porch. If you don’t have one, then sure, bugs can be kept away by using bug spray, but I have never been able to find a spray that doesn’t smell horrible. Then the smell lingers on your clothes, and by the end of the night, not only do you have to take a shower, but you have to wash your clothes. Even bonfires and tiki torches can’t keep them away, but a screened porch can. Mosquitoes are worse at nighttime, which is generally when it’s more desirable to be outside during the summer as it is usually too hot during the day. People are finding that screen porches keep all insects out, and they are able to enjoy the warmth of summer at night without dealing with the pests. This also makes it more appealing for guests. It’s possible to have get-togethers with family and friends and have them be outside at night.

Screened porches are also good for daytime. Sometimes the sun is just too hot, but we still want to enjoy the weather. It is possible to have both of those things with a screened porch. It gives you the chance to be outside and enjoying the temperature, without being in the sun. Not only is the sun often times too hot, but by now we all know the damage sun can do to our skin. With a screened porch, there is no need to worry about wearing sun screen. If there is worry about kids being out in the sun, but you also want them getting some fresh air, then the porch can very easily be turned into a playroom during the day.

During the fall, winter, and spring when it may not be warm enough to be outside on the porch, you can put up glass panels or windows and put a space heater in there. This gives you more time to enjoy it in all seasons.

Screened porches are becoming the thing to do because they are making all of the seasons more convenient. No one wants to spend all of their time indoors, but there are things like mosquitoes, sun, and temperatures that get in the way of that. With a screened porch from C&T Siding, you can enjoy all kinds of weather at all times of the day.

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