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Top 4 Advantages of Building a Screened Porch

Additional living space is attractive for nearly all homeowners but carving out money in the budget to have one built could be a sticking point. Instead of adding a traditional room inside, consider having your contractor build a screened porch instead. Trendy and sure to pay for itself with all the use you get out of it, a screened porch offers a number of advantages that make it worth a place in your home improvement budget.

1. It allows you to bring the outside in

The trend among homeowners is to extend their usable space to include the outdoors. This idea is what prompted the trend of the outdoor kitchen in recent years. You can enjoy your own version of an outdoor kitchen without being concerned about bugs, inclement weather or too much sunshine, with a screened porch.

2. You can enjoy it three seasons a year

There’s no doubt about it — winters in Wisconsin can be pretty brutal. With a screened porch, though, you can enjoy the brisk fresh air — even when it’s raining or otherwise too uninviting out of doors. Donning a light jacket and sipping a cup of coffee, hot tea or cocoa is the perfect way to enjoy the invigorating breeze as you wake up. Or unwind after a long day at the office by sipping a glass of wine or hot cider.

3. It increases your living space

Today’s screened porches can be a simple or as complex as you like. A screened porch can offer a welcome play area for children who are getting antsy with too much rain or who are getting tired of playing in the sun. Have your builder install a ceiling fan and you’ll find that you have plenty of ventilation. Even in the late fall, your screened porch can be a comfortable place to entertain family and friends or unwind with your spouse. The addition of a fireplace makes this room one that can weather all three seasons in comfort and style.

4. It makes your home more attractive to buyers

Real estate experts disagree with whether or not a screened porch adds additional value to the sale price of a home. However, having a screened porch can definitely pique the interest of buyers and make your home stand out from the rest.

Choosing a company to build a screened porch starts with quality. C & T Siding is committed to satisfying every customer with their superior workmanship and honest, reliable and affordable service.

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