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Protect Your Metal Roof with These Tips

Metal roofing is a great investment. As with all investments, however, it needs to be double-checked for longevity. Between your own skill, a little know-how and the help of C&T Siding, you can keep your metal roof in tip-top shape over many years. To mitigate any day-to-day damages, however, you should protect your metal roofing with these tips.

Tip One: Trim the Trees

Constant abrasion from bushes and tree limbs can damage a metal roof over time. Between wind gusts and hard branches, a roof can be damaged beyond easy repair. In fact, the finish of a metal roof can be compromised after a single year of constant tree branch swiping. Keep the trees trimmed, and make sure you’re clearing away any overextended branches.

Tip Two: Clean the Gutters

Next, you should keep the gutters clean. Minimize debris accumulation in the gutter, because the gutter garbage can build up over time. Metal roofs are designed to shed any water collected from rain and snow. Then, they dry out. If gutter garbage builds up, however, water will become stagnant—and stagnant water can rust metal surfaces.

Tip Three: Keep the Paint Off

If you’re getting the area touched up, paint-wise, you’ll need to keep the paint away from your metal roof. Over-sprayed paint can corrode a metal roof just like water, and its many chemicals, combined, can wreak havoc on a roof eventually. If you’re planning to paint your home, make sure you’re not overspraying.

Tip Four: Take Care with Detergents

Eventually, you’ll need to clean your metal roof directly. When you do, take care in picking a metal-specific detergent. Many of these detergents exist—and each has been formulated to protect a metal rooftop’s longevity. Just make sure you’re not letting any detergent sit, as sitting detergent can certainly become a problem.

When in doubt, contact C&T Siding for additional assistance. We have years of experience, and we’re prepared to handle a variety of roofing issues. Our team can clean, repair and even replace your building’s seamless steel surfaces—assuring years of functionality. At C&T Siding, you come first. Call us today, and check out our other roofing options, siding options, and window options.

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