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Preventing Weather Damage to Your Home

Even everyday weather can damage the roof, siding, windows, and doors of a house. Therefore, a smart homeowner protects their most significant investment with regular inspections and maintenance by a professional.


Moisture and warm weather can cause mildew or mold to grow on siding, especially on the shady side of the house. These types of fungi can make vinyl, LP siding, or fiber cement siding look dirty and unsightly and ruin your home’s curb appeal. This fungus can also penetrate the surface of wood siding and cause it to deteriorate.

Speak with a siding contractor if you are experiencing problems with mold and mildew. C&T Siding contractors are honest, will inspect your home free of charge and recommend an affordable solution. Call us at 651-483-6146.

Seamless steel siding is an excellent choice to guard your house against all sorts of weather challenges. Not only does seamless steel siding have great curb appeal and never need to be painted, but it’s also protected with a special sealant that provides extra defense against the Wisconsin and Minnesota climate. Contact Emco Steel siding contractors to discuss this exciting option for your home.

If you need a budget-friendly siding option, consider fiber cement or LP siding. If interested, contact LP siding contractors at C&T Siding. Our LP contractors will be happy to provide you with a free estimate.


Ask window contractors. They will say windows and doors begin to leak air over time and can cause energy bills to skyrocket.

Fiberglass windows are very resistant to the effects of weather, especially high moisture levels. The insulating qualities of fiberglass windows are also excellent for cutting energy bills in winter or summer.

Ultrex/wood windows combine the beauty of wood and the strength of fiberglass. Ultrex/wood windows give any home a look of luxury and elegance that is hard to surpass and significantly increase a home’s curb appeal and value. Contact window contractors at C&T Siding for more information.

Vinyl windows offer a lot of protection from moisture and are a very affordable choice. These types of windows are a popular choice for homeowners wanting to replace old, drafty windows.

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors, such as patio doors, can take a beating from the snow and rain which causes warp or rot. Replacing exterior doors that don’t close properly can reduce utility bills and keep out unwanted intruders. Adding screen porches will provide shelter for patio doors from the weather. Screen porches also add more value and protection to a home.


Roofs probably receive the most weather damage, especially from high winds of storms that can rip off shingles. Metal roofing provides a much stronger roof than asphalt shingles and more resistance to wind damage. Metal roofing, as well as shake and slate roofs, extremely are some of the longest-lasting materials for roofs on the market today. Shake and slate are impervious to heavy snow loads.

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