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Five Big Benefits of Stone Coated Steel Roofing

C&T Siding offers several roofing options for our Western Wisconsin and Minnesota homeowners. Among these is a stone coated metal roof installation. Our Gerard Stone coated steel tile roofing is made from a time-tested-and-true proprietary formula, one harnessed by technicians with over 30 years of experience.

If you’ve never considered stone coated metal steel roofing before, you should. Below, we’ll cover five major reasons why.

Reason One: It’s Lightweight

Stone coated steel roofing sheets weigh roughly 1.5 pounds per square foot. Light enough to cover most roofs, stone coated metal roofing sheets eliminate material costs while also easing your home’s structural burden. Because they’re so light, stone coated steel sheets won’t stress your home’s support beams or framework.

Reason Two: It’s Fade Resistant

Stone coated metal roofing is also fade resistance. Maintaining the performance of steel without the “commercial” look, stone coated metal roofing doesn’t look over-painted. It’s elegant, affordable and stylistically flexible.

Reason Three: It Resists Snow and Rain

Where moisture is considered, stone coated steel is water-resistant. Installed with horizontal fastenings, these steel plates won’t let rainwater in. They won’t let melting snow in, either.

Reason Four: It Resists Heavy Winds

Because stone coated steel roofing sheets have few seals, they’re highly wind resistant. Your stone coated steel roofing’s performance won’t diminish with age, either. Avoiding the “pull out” issues associated with most roofing materials, stone coated steel sheets won’t succumb to wind uplift.

Reason Five: It Absorbs Sound

This material also absorbs sound. Whether you want to muffle your home from bad weather, blast a sound system or simply isolate sounds issued from different rooms, stone coated steel siding is your best bet. By and large, this roofing option is insulative due to its lightweight design.

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly, high-quality roofing option, look to further. C&T Siding offers one of the best stone coated steel roofing options around. Call us today at 651-483-6146, and schedule a visit. Our experienced technicians can give you a quote immediately, and we’re always prepared to fix up your home’s other areas, too.

Between seamless steel repair, metal roofing installation and household repairs, our team can keep you covered year-round. Our roofing contractors want to give back to the community responsible for our success. Now, we’re doing so by making sure every homeowners is offered the roofing protection, and sustainability, they deserve.

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