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Enjoy Your Yard with Custom Decks and Porches

Whether you enjoy the outdoors with your family or have guests over for regular entertaining, as a homeowner you’ve likely considered how your deck might be more conducive to your lifestyle. Decks, porches and patios add space and interest to your home, whether for your personal daily use or to impress your friends when you want to entertain guests with the outdoor space you created as an addition to your home.

Options for Your Deck

Decks are well known as a place to grill and chill, a place to serve food and drink when your friends come to visit. When your friends aren’t at your house, the deck is a perfect place to sunbathe, play with your dog, relax with a book, or simply enjoy being outdoors without a care in the world for just a little while. Whether your deck is made of traditional wood or the luxurious TREX system of manufactured decking material, you’ll know the difference between a generic small deck and a custom built deck designed to suit your home and lifestyle.

Advantages of Screening in a Porch

Screened-in porches offer the same advantages as the deck but without the bugs. Nothing ruins a nice evening more than an influx of mosquitoes, flies and gnats. The screens keep such pests out of your living area and become especially useful when you incorporate cooking and serving food in an outdoor area. Further, the screens offer shade on a hot summer day along with a sense of privacy throughout the year.

Mix and Match: Expanded Porch and Deck Systems

You don’t have to choose between the comfort of a screened porch and the outdoor feel of a deck, when properly designed you can incorporate both as a system and enjoy the advantages each has to offer. A screened porch outside the kitchen with a deck as an extension of the living room is popular option. Another deck for grilling works well for the outdoorsman who enjoys cooking outside, and a deck outside of an upstairs bedroom can stand alone or include steps leading down to the main deck area. A tiled patio space can add even more room underneath the deck and be accessed through the basement doors.

Ultimately, the use and function of your decks and patios as a system can add space to your home by allowing you comfortable outside areas for daily use and entertaining guests. The only limit to how you develop the space is your imagination and creativity.

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