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4 Signs Your Deck or Porch Needs Repair

Relaxing on your deck or porch is a favorite pastime for many homeowners such as yourself. Without spending a dime, you can take in nature and indulge in people watching. However, over time, your deck could become a safety hazard due to the beating it takes from the weather. From the extremely hot temperatures during the summer to the freezing cold temperatures in the winter, the weather can cause your deck or porch to deteriorate. To ensure you and your guests are safe, keep an eye out for these four warning signs that your deck may need repairs.

Rotten Wood

Rainy weather can do significant damage to decks and porches. If the wood of your deck doesn’t dry properly, the moisture can linger. Unfortunately, where there is lingering moisture, there is a chance you will see bacteria growth since bacteria is blown from here to there in the wind. Bacteria causes wood to rot. Bacteria growth breaks down the fibers of your wood, which weakens your deck. Simply cleaning the rotten wood in your deck isn’t a good option because bacteria growth will resume once moisture is reintroduced to the damaged wood.

Loose Railings

Another problem many decks and porches experience are loose railings. The most common place for loose railings is on the steps of your deck. Since many people bear down on these posts as they are climbing the stairs of your deck, it’s easy for them to become a little shaky. If you find that you have loose railings, you must act quickly. Loose railings could lead to injuries, and you would be responsible for the damages.

Your Deck or Porch Feels Spongy

Your deck should be sturdy when you walk across it. If you notice that your deck feels bouncy or spongy as you walk or jump on it, then you may have a structural problem. The spongy feeling may be the result of a poorly built deck. Your deck is unstable because your beams may not be supported fully. An unstable deck could collapse at any time, so it’s imperative that you reinforce your deck as soon as possible.

Loose Connectors

Your deck’s connectors and fasteners work as a system to ensure that your deck is sturdy and durable. Most connectors and fasteners are made from galvanized steel to ensure that decks can withstand a lot of weight. Galvanized steel also provides your deck with protection from the elements. If you notice rust around your connectors, it’s possible that galvanized steel wasn’t used in its construction, and you may want to consider replacing the connectors. Rust is corrosion, and it can weaken your deck. If you notice rust, act immediately to get your deck repaired.

At C & T Siding, we are experts when it comes to building and repairing decks and porches. We can repair your deck or build a custom deck with ease. If some of the wood from your deck has rottened, or you notice rust around your connectors, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will help you remedy the problem so that your deck is safe and you can once again enjoy relaxing on your deck.

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