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4 Roofing Maintenance Essentials: How to Take Care of Your Roof

Regardless of what type of roof you install on your home, it will require maintenance over the years in order to perform as it should. Roofs take a lot of abuse from Mother Nature, and yet the hold up rather well under some of the harshest environmental conditions. For this reason, you should take care of your roof since it takes care of your household. Below are five tips for taking care of your roof.

Clean Your Roof Annually

The most basic form of maintenance for any roof is washing it regularly. Contractors and cleaning companies recommend that you give your roof a professional, thorough scrubbing at least once a year. Washing your roof will remove mold, stain, and other corrosive substance from the roof. Your roofing system will look amazing year after year, and you’ll keep it from deteriorating at an accelerated rate.

Replace Roofing Materials as Needed

As your roof gets older, the components will begin to show signs of wear and tear. What this means is that wind and rainwater can easily invade your roof around the most vulnerable areas. Rather than allowing a small fix to turn into a major repair, replace components as you go. This will ensure that your roof will stay in ‘like new’ condition over the years.

Have Your Roof Inspected Annually

Few things will cause damage to your home like water. Whether it’s in liquid form or in the form of humidity, moisture and water can flow throughout your attic and in between the walls of your home. This can cause structural components like drywall and framework to deteriorate more quickly.

For this reason, you should have your roofing system inspected annually. The primary objective should be to identify leaks and critical areas where water could potentially penetrate the surface. Your roof should also be checked for structural integrity and proper ventilation.

Review Your Roof Warranty and Insurance

Many homeowners fail to review their insurance coverage and warranty of their roof. When their roof becomes damaged and needs repair, they are often surprised that neither will cover the repairs. Warranties have a shelf life, and insurance coverage can change without warning to the homeowner. For this reason, you should review your insurance every year to make sure that both the condition of your roof falls under the conditions of your policy and the term of your warranty.

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